The 12 Ways of Package Thief Prevention This Holiday Season

December 16, 2022

Online shopping has been on the rise, which means even more packages are at risk of being stolen this holiday season. There are ways a homeowner can prevent porch pirates from claiming both expected and unexpected holiday gifts. Below are our 12 Ways of Package Thief Prevention (to the tune of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas”), which hopefully keeps you – and your packages – in the holiday spirit!


  1. Cameras & Motion Sensors: With so many accessible and affordable options available today, having home security cameras and motion detectors with home alarm monitoring is much more realistic than ever. Utilize our outdoor video cameras with live or recorded video and our doorbell cam for even more control. As always, don’t forget our mobile app (Virtual KeypadTM) for easy access to all of your home security via your smartphone or other web-enabled devices.
  2. Delivery Alerts: Setting all of your deliveries up with text alerts means not having to guess when your packages arrive, which means less exposure to package thieves.
  3. Display Signage: There are two types of signage; 1) the kind that tells visitors your home is Per Mar protected and 2) the kind that tells your delivery carrier where to leave your packages. They’ll often honor homeowner instruction notes to leave the package in a more hidden or secure area.
  4. Sign for Your Packages: Requiring a signature upon delivery means packages are never left unattended. Not around to sign? Use one of your selected carrier’s secure pickup locations to retrieve your packages at your convenience.
  5. Use a Pickup Location: Or, skip the signature if you know you won’t be home and have your packages sent to the nearest UPS or FedEx pickup location (or a PO box if you prefer the Post Office).
  6. Deliver to The Store: Many retail stores offer in-store delivery, which often saves on shipping charges. This way, your packages are safe from porch pirates.
  7. Hit the Curb: “Consumers have dramatically shifted their shopping to online over the past six months,” said Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce. He added that “shoppers are embracing e-commerce innovations such as curbside pickup in large numbers.” We suspect it’s due to not having to get out of your warm, cozy car (especially during winter months in the midwest)!
  8. Deliver to Your Office: If you’re still commuting to work, send your packages to your place of business for 24/7 monitoring.
  9. Use a Package Delivery Storage Box: Don’t want the hassle of going to pick your items up elsewhere? Consider a lockable storage box to leave on your front porch. Your package carrier drops the items in and they go into a compartment that only the owner can access with a key.
  10. Request Plain, Incognito Packaging: Don’t let nosy neighbors and porch pirates see what is being delivered, especially if they are high-ticket items.
    • Pro Tip: Conceal your post-holiday trash well so they also don’t see what you’re throwing out.
  11. Schedule Delivery Times: Most carriers will allow you to choose a delivery time so that you can schedule your items to arrive only when you are home and never when you’re not.
  12. Use an Amazon Locker or the Amazon Key app: Amazon lockers are contactless, free and the passcode is sent to you after you select “locker” at the checkout as your shipping option. The Amazon Key app connects to your smart home, allowing deliveries to be set inside your home, garage, or even the trunk of your car (by you, remotely). Connect with your motion-activated video camera or video doorbell camera and get notifications when delivery drivers arrive.

It’s obvious that your home security system and smart home automation features will help protect your holiday packages but there are several additional ways to tackle this could-be, no-good problem. We’re always here to help! Please contact us for more information.