The Benefits of Combining Intelligent Video Monitoring & Security Officers

April 27, 2020

Combining these two powerhouses – Intelligent Video Monitoring and Security Officers – can provide that one-two punch in times of need. With this Integrated Security strategy, your business is set up to monitor your building (inside and out) using dual tactics, which increases your chances of success. Together, these tools can better protect staffed or empty buildings.

The top three benefits are listed below followed by a real-life story illustrating how a combination security defense can produce the most desired result.

Why Utilize Both Intelligent Video Monitoring & Security Officers?

  • The ability to cover more area with fewer personnel.
  • Real-time responses to emergencies and non-emergencies.
  • An officer or law enforcement can be directed to the target or suspect.


Real-Life Example

Now, a real-life example from a college that utilizes Per Mar’s Security Officer Services and Electronic Security Offerings.

One Day, Security Site Supervisor McClain was working at the front desk at a college when he noticed a man trying to enter the campus fitness center. After being denied entry, the man approached McClain and asked for directions to the bookstore. Once he set out on his way, McClain incredulously tracked the man via the university’s HD surveillance cameras.

McClain watched as he proceeded to the bookstore and kneeled behind a bookshelf out of view of any patrons or employees. This was McClain’s queue to inform the Director of Safety and Security and the bookstore manager of this suspicious behavior he was witnessing via the surveillance cameras.

Minutes later, the suspect placed a book inside his backpack and left the store. McClain again informed the director and called for backup. That’s when Security Officer Wilson broke away from his rounds in order to locate the suspect and engaged him in conversation until McClain and the director were able to get there. By then, the suspect’s backpack was empty but he admitted to stealing and dumping a book and then helped security locate it. Not only was he caught in the act and the stolen goods recovered, but he was banned from campus preventing further damage.

This success story where electronic security and physical security services were combined for the most effective outcome is one of many! For more ideas as to how combining services can help protect your business, contact us or schedule a free, no-pressure consultation.