Does Your Business Need Hosted or Managed Access Control?

December 7, 2018

Establishing who has access to your facilities – plus when and where they have access – is often a necessary safety measure taken by business owners and building managers. For instance, if you have a warehouse, you may not want your office personnel accessing that area for safety reasons. And the reverse may be true for confidentiality reasons. But, the rules may change on weekends, during the graveyard shift, or while you are away.

Finding an in-house solution for these internal algorithms might be referred to as simply ‘access control’ or DIY access control (hands-on). There are many benefits to outsourcing your access control efforts, which typically come in two flavors: hosted or managed.

Per Mar’s branded access control solution is referred to as MAC – Managed Access Control – and includes your choice of either the hosted or managed solution.


Hosted Solution

Per Mar or your selected provider hosts the servers and database and you manage the system internally via any web browser. All card adds/deletes, schedule changes, etc. are made in-house.

Managed Solution

Per Mar or your selected provider not only hosts the servers and database but also makes all changes for you as requested. Our clients can do this in one of two ways, 1) by submitting change requests via our website or 2) by sending an email to We’ll make your access control changes within eight business hours.

If you are managing your access control system in-house and any of the below scenarios apply to you, it might be time to go either partially (hosted) or fully (managed) hands-free.

✔You have limited server space. ✔You like technology that integrates with your existing technology. ✔Keeping up with software updates is not for you.

MAC is a cloud solution that is hosted on our servers. There’s no software to buy and no computers needed for programming or functionality. The equipment savings alone can be impactful. Another area of savings is made possible by avoiding software purchases, such as the Microsoft service pack, and any service issues that arise from malfunctioning software.

✔Data security is important to you.

Data is easily lost when backups fail and backups fail all the time. We probably don’t have to tell you the hassle it becomes when new card lists and property schedules have to be created again from scratch! When you hand the keys (or the cards, in this case) over to Per Mar, we host your data on our servers. When we host, lost data becomes a non-issue. Welcome to system continuity!

✔Convenience is king.

Need to lookup an employee’s status? A web-based access control system is readily available via any web browser (hosted access control). Or, you can contact us and we’ll do it for you within eight business hours (managed access control).

✔You don’t possess the personnel and resources to train and manage it in-house.

If you don’t have the time or resources to manage an access control system in-house, then you’re the perfect candidate for our fully hands-free managed access control solution. Designed to help businesses maintain full control over their building access without any of the hassle, Per Mar handles everything for you. We administer all programming, cardholder database management, and reporting services. This gives you a secure facility without having to develop any in-house access control expertise or training programs. Another checkmark for your department is in the form of payroll savings.

✔You don’t have a network in place or don’t want to allow outside vendors on your network.

You have the option for us to install a cradlepoint and create a small network that uses cellular communication to connect to our MAC hardware.

We are big fans of all of the above and we can help you decide which professional access control system is right for your business. We like the convenience for businesses of all sizes (MAC is available in a quantity as small as a single user) plus the numerous ways card access systems continue to prove their worth over time. If you want to learn more, contact us for a free consultation!