Resideo’s First Alert Video Doorbell: A Game-Changer

March 19, 2024

In the evolving landscape of home security, the new First Alert Video Doorbell stands out in a crowded market. It isn’t just another video doorbell; it’s a sophisticated security device designed to keep your home and loved ones safe while minimizing false alerts that plague other models. 

Our Monitoring Center’s Technical Manager, Evan Bailey, from Per Mar Centre was one of the first to test it. “What I really like about this video doorbell, is its features. The ability to connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network was a plus for my installation. Also, the ability to get specific notifications for people, vehicles, animals, and packages. You know you are getting an actual notification for a real event, instead of tons of false notifications every time a tree moves in the wind,” he said. 

Keep reading to learn more about why the First Alert Video Doorbell is a game-changer. 

Advanced Event Detection

Unlike other video doorbells relying solely on motion detection, the First Alert Video Doorbell uses analytics-based detection. It can discern between people, animals, vehicles, and even packages. This precision drastically reduces false notifications, ensuring you’re alerted only to the events that matter (like your kids getting home from school safely). Another new feature: sound detection. 

Remotely Let Visitors In and/or Converse with Them

When paired with a home security system, get notified that someone is at the door, disarm your alarm system, and unlock the door right from the screen of your security system panel or smartphone app. Use two-way audio to let your visitors know they can come in or to thank the neighbor for bringing the mail over. It’s like having a virtual butler!

Built for All Conditions

Weather is unpredictable, but your home security shouldn’t be. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, from icy cold to scorching heat, this doorbell is reliable come rain, hail, or shine, reducing the number of false alarm notifications.

Enhanced Night Vision and Security Features

With high-resolution color night vision, an integrated siren, and LED spotlight, this doorbell is uniquely designed to illuminate your entryway and deter unwanted visitors around the clock. Viewing live video footage just got a lot clearer. 

Smart Home Compatibility

Seamlessly integrating with the Resideo Total Connect 2.0 app, this doorbell is not just a standalone device but a cornerstone of your connected home ecosystem. It also pairs with the Pro A7+ panel so you can view live video on your panel display, which means you can ask Google or Alexa to display the camera. 

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity

Offering unparalleled flexibility with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, it keeps you connected to your home, guests, and even the unexpected visitor at your doorstep. Meaning, that we can connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi (most can only connect to a single frequency). 

In essence, the First Alert Video Doorbell by Resideo is more than just a product. These large forward leaps ensure peace of mind, a guardian of your doorstep, and a step forward in home security. Experience the difference and step into the future of home surveillance. Learn more about smart home automation and find a location near you to upgrade your current video doorbell or add one to your current security system