Prevent Vandalism & Theft at Commercial Construction Sites

July 27, 2018

Construction yard

Commercial construction projects are especially vulnerable to vandalism and theft because there is little to no protection by way of doors, locks or even walls in many cases. Check out our top 10 ways to protect your machinery, equipment, tools and other worksite materials in this week’s blog!

10. Start with background checks of all employees. You can never be too sure and, as we’ve said before, theft typically starts from within.

9. Issue only as many keys as needed and lock all vehicles at the end of each day; assign a keyholder if possible for your largest machinery.

8. Immobilize equipment when possible, such as removing the gas cap or utilizing a special locking system, like a skid steer lock and other equipment locking devices.

7. Place temporary, lock-able security fencing around the construction site and invest in storage sheds.

6. Inventory your tools and equipment with identifying and unique names or numbers; make them visible.

5. Assign a tool holder to sign all tools in and out and put everything away in a locked toolbox at the end of the day.

4. Hire security officers to patrol the area during off hours.

3. Plan! We are big on planning because it works. Develop a security plan and encourage all employees to be security-conscious while on the clock.

2. Monitored security cameras have HD technology that is advanced enough to catch intruders in the act, which could potentially prevent them or others from coming back again!

1. A well-lit construction site is our number one tip because it can drastically cut down on the chances of vandalism and theft. Using motion lights – or even day lights – throughout the night is the one constant that is both a psychological deterrent for thieves and simultaneously difficult to defeat unnoticed!

It’s important to send burglars the message that your business means business. Many of these tips are low to no cost and they can go a long way in preventing vandalism and theft at your worksite(s). A great comparison is any business protected by Per Mar with visible security cameras plus our sign in the front yard, for example, will be much less likely to attract burglars; the same is true for your worksite. Don’t leave it to chance and risk thousands of dollars and delayed deadlines!

These simple tips can help keep you – and your profits – going for the long haul. Contact us for additional tips or request a free security review.