The Importance of Security Reviews – Business Edition

February 6, 2019

When shopping for a security system for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind. In addition to being truly local and family-owned and operated. That means that a professional security consultant completes a walk-through of your entire workspace with you in order to identify potential threats and accurately recommend security systems or components to meet your specific needs.

Why Offer Free Security Reviews?

We understand that the temptation for DIY projects is strong, and that includes DIY security systems. We also know that you have a choice and there are other security companies out there that have various offerings. This blog is designed to set the record straight and illustrate exactly what you are investing in when securing your business with us. Click here for a full list of what sets us apart!

Why Are Security Reviews Important?Per Mar Security agent looking at plans with man and woman

One size fits all may work in some industries but we feel that, when it comes to your business’ security, you should have an alarm system that is tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Below are a few scenarios that have led others to get their free security review:

  • Theft
    • Employee theft still ranks highest among those stealing from businesses
    • Vendors coming and going but not enough manpower to keep track of them
  • Employee safety
    • Perhaps you’ve had issues with employee access in the past and you’re interested in managed access control (e.g. office people being prohibited from accessing the warehouse and vice versa).
    • Maybe you run a shift where an employee is working alone and need to employ extra safety measures during those hours.
  • Assessment of all local integration access points
    • Identifying all the points of entry
  • HR regulation
    • Lacking a protocol when letting people go
    • Limiting who has access to which areas of the business – access control isn’t just a safety issue

In our 66 years, we have found that each business, and sometimes each area of that business, has unique security concerns so there’s not a singular solution.

Our professional security consultants spend time reviewing each space with you in person to understand its specific and unique layout and function. This site assessment allows our consultants to provide you with scoring based on your current security status, identifying any risks, threats, or weak areas (not limited to the examples above). They then write up a customized quote (your security review) providing everything necessary to ensure all needs are met and omitting items that are not needed, desired, or within budget. With so many moving parts and a variety of options, security choices can not only be overwhelming but overly tempting. We help business owners weed through it all!

The way we see it, we’re not in the sales business, we’re in the security business. If details are missed, your business may not be as secure as it should. Conversely, you can end up paying for security elements that aren’t necessary. If you end up paying for something you don’t need, we know that means you’ll ultimately be unhappy, so the last thing we want to do is to install the same prepackaged security system that your neighbor has (unless you like your neighbor’s system and it fits your needs). We aren’t going anywhere which means our reputation is important. Our goal is to protect your people, property, and profits for life!

How Do I Sign Up For a Free Security Review?

Signing up for a free security review is easy. Either fill out this short form or call us at 800-473-7627. Expect a professional consultation with absolutely zero sales pressure, vigorous note-taking, and a complimentary and fully customized review of your business’ security gaps.

If selected, we design, install and maintain your security system ourselves rather than hiring it out. We also have our own 24/7 monitoring center. There are many reasons to go with Per Mar and our hope is to be included in your decision-making process. We’re confident you’ll see the value once you do!