Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Business, Part 2.2

August 25, 2021

Fully protecting your construction site may be simpler and less costly than it sounds. There’s just one key element missing. Human protection!

No, not guards (though that is an option, too). We’re talking about Intelligent Video Monitoring (IVM). The difference in this new technology is actually a very non-techie element: 24/7 video verification by trained, human professionals. And, if you don’t already have security cameras, we can help with that, too.

Now, first responders can be on-site quicker than ever before!


Surveying Your Construction Site

When our security experts survey your job site, they’ll be searching for the most strategic placement of your security cameras. We’ll ask you about your day-to-day practices, how things are stored overnight, your larger or more expensive equipment, and any other relevant factors.

Further, we work with one of the top security camera makers on the market, SightLogix. Their smart, thermal cameras are reliable even in the toughest outdoor conditions. They see heat vs. light which makes them excellent human detectors. They can see in the toughest scenarios: in the dark, with the bright sun beating down on them and even water reflections. And, the pièce de résistance, there is an audio deterrent that is programmed to “speak” to unwanted trespassers. That’ll scare them off in a hurry!

Their range is enormous, exceeding hundreds of meters. They were essentially built with outdoor scenarios just like your construction site in mind, for when you HAVE to know the very instant an actual intruder (not animals or other distractions) steps foot on your work site.


Geospatial analytics, automatic stabilization, and highly accurate filters. Armed and dangerous, we can then look at quality over quantity with the goal of healthy coverage using only as much equipment as needed. Nothing more.


Other Measures to Protect Your Construction Site

It never hurts to take ancillary measures to protect your equipment. Below are a few measures that combine well with proper electronic security.

  1. Security guards are a great complement to your Intelligent Video Monitoring system.
  2. Perimeter or security fencing to create that visual and physical barrier.
  3. Create a single point of entry and exit.
  4. Posting warning signs re: trespassing and surveillance utilized throughout your site.
  5. Copious lighting (both fixed and motion detected) to make intruders uncomfortable. This is also a great one-two punch with cameras (even those with night vision).
  6. Remove or disable batteries and/or hide ignition switches.
  7. Hidden GPS tracking devices and geofencing alerts on vehicles.
  8. Don’t leave anything on-site overnight that you don’t have to. Lock up the tools that have to stay and/or store them further away/higher up and near cameras and/or lighting.
  9. Strength in numbers – encourage workers to leave in groups so as not to become the target of violent crime.
  10. Rekey locks frequently.

Per Mar professionals can help. Our top-rated, UL-Listed, Five Diamond Certified Alarm Monitoring Center is always on call and we’re proud to say that we’ve combined the best of security technology and human intelligence with IVM. Contact us to learn more!