IVM: Surveillance Cameras Monitored by Experts

September 29, 2022

Live Video Monitoring combines security technology with human discernment to reduce false alarms and catch criminals, fires, and other emergencies as they happen. With highly trained agents available to immediately verify an alarm as verified or false, we can now shorten your response times. 


Listen in the video above to hear our monitoring center agent alert the 911 dispatcher of an intruder on the property and continue to stay on the line to help authorities catch the individuals on site.


Intelligent Video Monitoring combines smart thermal cameras, video analytics, audio deterrent, and ‘round-the-clock monitoring agents to stop loss before it happens. Thermal cameras detect people, cars, bikes, animals, etc., and have the ability to use an audio deterrent. You can choose the recording, which could be something like, “You are trespassing.” 

For any intruders who persist, trained agents are standing by 24/7/365 to watch your live security footage and determine whether or not to call the authorities when an event is triggered. Over time, agents “learn” sites, increasing reliability and response times. With thermal cameras and trained eyes watching at all times, your false alarms are significantly reduced and so is your incidence of crime! 


Your trusted security company should come with its own 24/7/365 UL-Listed, Five-Diamond certified, FM-approved monitoring center of employees they’ve personally vetted and trained to excellence. Besides giving the impression of being less than vested in the security industry, outsourcing this essential task to a third party is like searching far and wide for a babysitter and then finding out later that your babysitter hired another person – whom you’ve never met – to watch your children. Either scenario is not a situation any of us want to find ourselves in. 


Intelligent Video Monitering vs. OTHER

  • Live Video Monitoring with Human Eyes and Intelligence vs. No Monitoring or Artificial Intelligence
  • Prevent Crime vs. No Form of Prevention
  • Catch Criminals in the Act vs. Watching Footage Only After Criminals Are Long Gone
  • Compatible with Your Existing Cameras vs. Not Compatible/Purchase All New Equipment
  • No Long Term Contracts vs. Long Term Contracts

The momentum Intelligent Video Monitoring is gaining is logical. This is a brand new technology that isn’t available to everyone yet. If you’re in one of Per Mar’s service areas, you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s a true game changer and takes “peace of mind” to an entirely new level! Reach out to learn more about Live Video Monitoring.