Managing Your Smart Home from Your Smartphone

September 23, 2019

Smart technology is everywhere. There are smart coffee makers and coffee mugs, cars that park themselves, and talks of robots delivering your favorite Chinese food right to your door. But how does it translate in the home security world? Continue reading to be on top of your smart game!


Remote Access (Smartphone) Highlights

You might recall from previous blogs that remote access is a tool for web-enabled devices. Think of it as a remote control that allows homeowners (and business owners) to arm and disarm their home security systems remotely and view live video for up to six cameras at once. You’ll always know when your kids arrive home from school or any other activity in the house. Get email and text alerts so you never miss a beat! The same goes for monitoring environmental changes such as water leaks, temperature shifts, and furnace leaks – your smartphone will be the first to know.


Smart Home Highlights

Home automation puts you in control. It’s like autopay or simply having a cell phone in the sense of wondering how you ever lived without it! In addition to arming and disarming your security system via remote access, you can turn lights on and off or the thermostat up and down, lock and unlock the doors, and open and close the garage door. Create the scenes and schedules that fit your family’s lifestyle via any existing Z-Wave devices in your home.


HD Cameras

HD Cameras let you be everywhere at once! See if the kids are home from school, the dog is staying off the couch, Grandpa is taking his medications, Grandma is getting about the house safely, your package was delivered, and even catch someone in the act of breaking into your car. Inside or out, day or night, you can see it all with HD Cameras.


Smart tools for smart homeowners. We’ve got you! Contact us for more information on how to integrate your smart devices.