New Wave Access Control

December 13, 2021

Per Mar has partnered with SALTO Systems to provide industry-leading, next-generation electronic locking systems without wires or mechanical keys. Smart technology is everything and access control is no different. Guided by understanding client demands, smart and digital keys are the way of the now (not just the future).

Prior to SALTO, we were seeing a lot of solutions with standalone locks and readers but what they were missing was the ability to remotely add and remove users. You had to walk around to all doors and locks to add users. Then, SALTO came up with a key card fab which is a credential with a lot of space to store information (like a USB drive). It uses the available space to act as a conduit of information between software and access control devices. So now, you have truly offline, wireless locks and you don’t have to pay someone to walk the facility each time you add someone.

While we have been working with SALTO for just a short while, they were founded in 2001. They had one goal, which was to build a world-class access control system that was both simple to use and incredibly efficient. They wanted to allow users to control all of their access needs and protect all of their doors without the need for intricate and expensive cabling. It had to be simple to install and set up and cost-effective, dependable, comprehensive, and future-proof. This vision led to battery-powered electronic locks, the first stand-alone for access control.

The reader scans the unique identifier (UID) on every individual’s card to know who has what access and matches it to the database. Data on the card is what’s unique to SALTO because they developed the first truly wire-free access control system.

Normally, wire-free locks have to communicate with an internet-connected device. However, a server is NOT required with this system. It is the first-ever cloud-based and software-free access control system. All others require a server network engineer onsite. That also means no need for internet, power, or network cables so you can be two miles underground and still using SALTO’s access control.



  • No invasive hardwiring is necessary because it is designed to function in a wire-free environment.
  • Reduces maintenance expenses by avoiding the high cost of rekeying locks.
  • Real-time management includes the option to regulate who may open doors during specific times and cancel cards as needed.
  • Reports on the audit trail.
  • No internet connection is required, can be used anywhere.



  • Airports (see below).
  • Apartment Buildings/Multi-Family Dwellings (see below).
  • Arts & Entertainment Venues – connect it to turnstiles, food vendors, ticket sales, smart locks, etc.
  • Assisted/Senior Living (see below).
  • Casinos & Gaming Facilities.
  • Coworking Spaces.
  • Government Facilities  – The state of Minnesota has several cities using SALTO as their primary access control.
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes.
  • Hotels & Hospitality (see below).
  • Manufacturers/Plants/Factories (see below).
  • Retail Storefronts (see below).
  • Schools & Education – This means lockdowns at every door without the wiring (see below).



The education piece is paramount. What we know about high-stress activities such as active shooters is that first responders lose 75% of their cognitive ability to reason even though they are trained to run into danger. If that is the case, what happens to untrained teachers? We’re expecting a lot out of them while they are hearing gunshots and rounding students up. With SALTO’s access control, reader stations around campus scan badges (any online reader works) and can set everything into lockdown. It can also be configured to send outputs such as strobe lights and email your local law enforcement. It pairs well with your security system and/or security guards. 



All doors and vehicles at the London Heathrow Airport are secured with SALTO. Delta Airlines out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport installed it in their luggage vehicles because they had a hard time tracking them. Employees were leaving them anywhere and everywhere and some were unauthorized to drive them. SALTO came up with a device that replaced the ignition so employees now have to badge in, in order to drive the vehicles. The employer easily sets those credentials. It can be placed on virtually any opening and any door! Pair it with your security cameras for the highest level of security.



Hotels love it because they can assign different access for guests vs the cleaning crew (access only to the lights, for example). This is helpful for areas where indoor security cameras are not allowed, such as hotel rooms.



Senior housing facilities use it to prevent injuries and expensive lawsuits. Consider patients who have had surgery but want to use the treadmill. If they hurt themselves, that is now your liability. With SALTO’s access control system, you can put a smart switch, energy-saving device on their access cards, which means they won’t be able to use any gym equipment until fully cleared by a doctor. While 24/7 security monitoring is a huge asset, most businesses would rather use it for burglaries or fire scares.



A big challenge for storefronts in the past was glass or aluminum doors. They were impossible to wire but that’s no longer an issue with this fully wireless technology.



Apartment buildings are using it because it’s the only access control solution with mobile credentials. It was also the first to use mobile phones to get into the building. Pair it with your security cameras to make your tenants feel extremely safe.

The possibilities are virtually endless with SALTO. When funds become available, portions of the building change, or you demand more protection, we’ll work with you to scale your security system up quite easily. The ability to keep your existing doors and locks reduces expenses and you’ll still have the ability to modify.

To learn how SALTO’s access control can be tailored to your needs, contact us. Remember, we are no strangers to building custom solutions to meet your specific challenges and neither is SALTO. We look forward to further protecting you!