Per Mar Acquires Homeguard Security in Des Moines, Iowa

March 8, 2023

DES MOINES, Iowa – Per Mar Security Services, has acquired Homeguard Security in Des Moines, Iowa. Homeguard has utilized Per Mar as the company’s Monitoring Center for the past 23 years, and now Per Mar will build upon its relationships with Homeguard customers by providing service and security solutions as well.

Per Mar will continue to serve customers in the Des Moines area out of the company’s local office in Urbandale, Iowa. Per Mar CEO Brian Duffy said, “We’ve worked with Homeguard customers for a very long time through our monitoring relationship, and we are excited to begin servicing these customers directly. Homeguard has provided them great service, and we will do our best to build upon that.”

Per Mar is a third-generation, family-owned security company based in Iowa. If you are interested in home or business security solutions in the Des Moines area, you can learn more about our Urbandale branch and security offerings for the area by visiting our Des Moines office page. You can also follow our Des Moines area Facebook page for more information about our full-service security offerings.