Preparing Your Business For Winter

November 14, 2018

Did you know that a 2016 Gallop study found employee engagement not only contributed to productivity, profitability, and happier customers but also a significant reduction in safety incidents? A staggering 70% fewer safety incidents, which is nothing to scoff at. Our top advice to prepare your business for winter safety is to engage your employees (e.g. have a plan and practice it just as you would for fire safety). See a few more tips below.

1. Clear all outdoor walkways, stairways, and other accessible areas of snow and ice as it happens – keeping things clear will not only reduce outdoor accidents but will help reduce how much accident-causing snow and ice are brought indoors.

2. Remove snow and icicles from the roof – heavy snow can causes roofs to cave and icicles can fall at just the wrong time, potentially harming passersby.

3. Have an indoor, slide-proof mat at every entrance; ideally, all mats will be long enough for three to six steps before stepping onto the bare floor.

4. Treating sidewalks and parking lots differently could mean more accidents if left unaddressed – plow vs. shovel, rock salt vs. salt substitutes, etc. – so educate all staff on your process for both and how they should treat each differently.

5. Ensure employees are acutely aware of every step they take in the winter months and encourage them to have their hands free in case of a fall. When it is necessary to carry something, ensure they avoid carrying heavy loads.

6. Mark all hazardous areas using signs, cones, barricades, or floor stands.

7. Encourage a change of footwear when entering and leaving the office-heavy treads for increased traction – and take small steps. Use grassy areas if a walkway is covered in ice.

8. Monitored security cameras can also serve as protection for your employees in case a serious fall happens when no one else is around.

While it may sound oversimplified, creating awareness and planting friendly reminders tend to positively impact employee safety. With large workloads plus stresses at home, they aren’t always thinking about ancillary things such as winter safety measures. That is where you come in to keep employee safety top of mind, as well as for your own protection.

If we can be of any assistance at your workplace this winter, please contact us anytime!