Say Goodbye to Thumb Drives and Discs and Hello to The Cloud

February 24, 2020

This week, we’re educating you on why sharing your surveillance videos on thumb drives or discs is a bad idea and why using current cloud technology is an excellent and safe alternative.

First, consider the many benefits of using the cloud:

  1. It’s faster which leads to a time and labor savings, especially when dealing with a large load of videos on a regular basis
  2. Your video can be accessed and shared from any remote location with an internet connection
  3. Restricting software is not needed for the recipient to view your videos
  4. No need to make multiple copies
  5. It’s efficient; there is no need to keep track of and store multiple discs in one location
  6. Videos are automatically backed up and duplicated in data centers across the country
  7. Videos are available for future use at anytime

That being said, what can go wrong when trying to share your security videos using physical media?


You Risk Transmitting Viruses and Malware

Physical Media Cons: Your thumb drive or disc carries risk very similar to humans in that we can be carriers of illnesses, such as strep throat. If your physical media is asymptomatic and unknowingly infected by viruses or malware at any point along the trail of people who need to view it, it can wreak havoc for any system it touches after the point of infection. Some IT directors prohibit the use of thumb drives for this reason.

Cloud Sharing Pros: There is no risk of malware or virus when sharing videos to the cloud. Video clips can only be viewed by those with access to the link and, for even stronger security, a password can be used to access the link.

You’ve Lengthened the Chain of Evidence

Physical Media Cons: When sharing security videos via physical media, the process can involve more than just two people (the video owner and the recipient). Perhaps your recipient isn’t available so you’ve left it with someone at the front desk to give him/her. Or, due to lack of time, you used a courier service to get the media from point A to B.

If that video is needed for use as evidence in a crime, you run the risk of the video appearing less authentic and/or potentially tampered with. Each person who handled the thumb drive or disc could be asked for testimony in order to document the chain of evidence. This costs everyone time and money, which they typically don’t have any to spare!

Cloud Sharing Pros: Cloud videos can be shared directly in no time with the authorities with the time and date stamp built-in and no additional hands are needed.

Thumb Drives are Easily Lost or Misplaced & Can End Up with the Wrong Person

Physical Media Cons: Possibly worse than too many people handling your media is losing your media and it ending up in the wrong hands. And, it’s no secret that these small devices can be very easy to lose or misplace. Plus, what if that video is needed years later? It could easily be damaged due to degradation if not lost. There is clearly cause for security concerns!

Cloud Sharing Pros: Files in the cloud have redundant backups, so there is never just one “copy.” They can’t be damaged or lost and they are accessible from anywhere with your username and password.


The fact that not all computers have CD/DVD disc drives anymore is just one of many examples of how physical media is being phased out. Make this the year you embrace the latest technology and start utilizing the cloud for your security videos! Contact us for more information or a quote.