SkyBell Update & New Video Doorbell Options

June 27, 2024

Due to changes with the mobile operating system infrastructure, the SkyBell HD app is no longer in development. This means that, while the old app will still work, active support will end on June 30, 2024. Additional items to note are that it will not send notifications nor will it transfer with you if you switch or upgrade your mobile phone. Moving forward, there are two viable options. 

Option 1

Follow these instructions to upgrade to the new SkyBell app. The new app may not work with all SkyBell doorbells. Please note that the new SkyBell App may not be supported by all phone carriers, affecting some customers’ ability to migrate their current services.


Option 2

Consider switching to Resideo’s First Alert video doorbell, a top-tier alternative that features analytics-based detection to minimize false alerts and supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. This wholly integrated video solution even offers high-res color night vision and the ability to differentiate between people, animals, vehicles, packages, and sounds thanks to analytics-based detection.

Additional perks include live footage, an integrated siren, and an LED spotlight to deter package thieves. Compatible with smart home setups via Google or Alexa through the Resideo Total Connect 2.0 app, the upgrades combined make it first in class. Read more about it in our blog, RESIDEO’S FIRST ALERT VIDEO DOORBELL: A GAME-CHANGER.

We understand that technology updates can be confusing and inconvenient. We are here to assist with any questions, including inquiries about monthly charges for the new First Alert Video Doorbell by Resideo. We are always happy to help!