What Do Security Guards Do?

September 23, 2021

What Do Security Guards Actually Do?

And how to apply to become one. We’re hiring! Check out our careers page.

We get asked this question often as there is some confusion surrounding what security officers do and how they offer much more than the stereotypical rent-a-cop. Do you need temporary or permanent coverage? Daytime and/or evening patrols? By foot or by vehicle? Staff for your events? Physical security coverage configurations are designed around your needs.

Below are a few ways in which security officers can value add to your business’ security.

On-Site Security Officer

On-Site Security Officers are great for those pockets of time that are a little mucky. So, before opening or after closing when nobody is around or just a skeleton crew hangs behind. They can ensure your employees and tenants get to their cars safely at night.

Depending on your operations, you might also choose times throughout daytime hours for security officers to patrol your dealership, campus, apartment complex, strip mall, office building, or large manufacturing facility as well. It’s really a matter of your specific needs and how we can accommodate them.


Event Staff

Our goal for your special event is for it to remain special and safe. If something goes wrong, not only can people get hurt but your event could be ruined. With the goal to protect your staff, visitors, and the public, we cover everything: pro sports, county fairs, concerts, conventions, raceways, and corporate gatherings to name a few. Services include:

  • Security
  • Cashiers
  • Crowd Control
  • Gate Attendants
  • Guest Services
  • Parking Services
  • Ticket Takers
  • Traffic Control
  • Ushers

We have a three-step process for every event: 1) advance planning for potential risks and hazards, 2) management of your day-of-event activities (including the services above), and 3) assessing how things went post-event and finding any holes to be aware of for future events.


Mobile Patrol

Take things on the road with mobile patrol officers, which are security officers patrolling your property with vehicles equipped for any emergency. Our mobile patrol officers utilize a guard force management platform called SecurePatrol, which easily allows for checkpoint tour, GPS tracking, incident reporting, real-time alerts, and accountability. Once having completed intensive training, our mobile patrol officers specialize in theft control, fire prevention, employee welfare, and safety awareness.


Alarm Response Officers (ARO)

We’ve talked a lot about false alarms in the past because they are a real problem. The authorities only have so many resources to distribute. So, when they refuse to respond to unverified alarms, it’s not because they don’t want to help. It’s because they have to distribute their resources wisely, where they are most needed.

Having an Alarm Response Officer means having verified alarms. Physically able to be on the scene at a moment’s notice, they are able to verify the issue firsthand and contact the police or fire (when needed). If authorities aren’t needed, AROs can deactivate the false alarm and walk the premises to ensure the building is secure.


Become a Security Officer

We’re hiring! If you’re interested in full-time, part-time, or special events work, check out our careers page. At the time of this posting, there were positions available in Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Tennesee, and Michigan. Check back often for updates! We provide training, competitive wages, health benefits (full-time work only), paid time off, 401K, and more. We’d love to welcome you to our growing team!

You can count on us in more ways than one! Physical security is a great complement to your 24/7 electronic security systems (fire alarms, security systems, access control, and so on). We expect the unexpected – and we’re prepared for it – which means your employees can focus on the job at hand with fewer distractions. With peace of mind at an all-time high, productivity goes up!

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