3 Rules For Protecting Your Home from Afar

October 15, 2018

It’s much harder to keep an eye on your home away from home when you’re not there. Savvy burglars are just waiting for property owners to vacate the premises so they can strike. And burglars aren’t the only type of intruders to be cautious of – vacation homeowners must consider weather-related issues as well! If home security concerns are keeping you up at night, then check out our three rules for protecting your second home from afar.


Technology is Your Friend: Home Security, Video Surveillance & Smart Home Automation

Securing the entire exterior and interior of your vacation property or home with a home security system and HD cameras will allow you to keep a literal eye on it from the moment you vacate. Using the Per Mar Security app means real-time access 24/7 and catching burglars in the act.

Taking technology a step further, turning your home into a smart home means having a lived-in look with the ability to turn lights on and off (manually or scheduled), control your thermostat and even lock and unlock doors and the garage door. Smart home automation lets you automate your second home to create the appearance of being lived-in year-round!

PRO TIP: Scheduling the lights to turn on and off and varied times is not only great for making your home appear occupied but the lighting also increases the performance of your security cameras.


Keep It Well Maintained & Occupied

You might be wondering why you’d need access to the front door from a distance. We can think of a few reasons! We’d also suggested keeping up with the lawn and other maintenance just as you would when you are there.

  • Personalized neighborhood watch – Asking trusted neighbors to keep an eye on things but not having to give 24/7 access by providing them with a key.
  • Exterior and interior maintenance – Keeping your yard well groomed and your house lived-in. Visits from your HVAC professionals, house cleaning service, and other services no longer have to be a nuisance with the ability to remotely lock and unlock the door for invited guests. Go a step further and see exactly who is at your door with Sky BellTM HD video – a doorbell video camera with two-way voice activation.
  • Rentals – Airbnb and other rental options are worth considering both from an occupancy perspective and having a bit of added income. If your second home is far enough away, property managers can help with local items such as cleanup in between guests.

Having various people in and out of your home, either regularly or on occasion, will help avoid the vacant appearance of an unwatched, unguarded home. You could also leave the main floor or second-floor curtains and shades open after you’ve removed valuables out of plain sight.

PRO TIP: Cancel your mail and newspaper delivery and don’t share your vacation schedule on social media (you can always post your photos after the fact!).


Be Ready for Anything: From Severe Weather to Bursting Pipes

If you find yourself regularly checking the weather of the city where your home or second home is located, perhaps environmental monitoring services will give you the peace of mind you crave. Plus, severe weather isn’t the only culprit for flooded homes; thermostats and sump pumps fail, pipes freeze, fridges, washers, and freezers leak and A/C units break.

With the security of environmental monitoring combined with email or text alerts, you’ll know instantly if an intruder of the less lively (but still very damaging) type is in your home!

PRO TIP: You don’t have to be available 24/7 to get 24/7 protection! Our UL listed and Five Diamond Certified Alarm Monitoring Center provides alarm monitoring around the clock.

Owning a home is a goal you worked hard for. Let us work hard to keep it safe while you are away! Contact us for a free, no pressure evaluation of your home and property. Our job is to keep you Per Mar protected!