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Protect your home with 24/7 alarm monitoring services from Per Mar Security.

Convenient features make staying connected easier.

In an emergency situation, every second is critical. You can count on the expert monitoring agents at Per Mar to have your back. When your alarm is triggered, our Five Diamond Certified alarm monitoring center gets to work. Agents immediately contact you to notify you of the alarm and verify the emergency. We then dispatch police, fire, or EMS if required. We remain prepared to help at a moment's notice—with 24/7 alarm monitoring from Per Mar, you gain unparalleled peace of mind.

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Standard dispatch procedures enable us to make swift decisions.

If an alarm goes off at your home, agents at our monitoring center follow a standard response protocol designed to save time during an emergency. We work quickly to identify the nature of the alarm and dispatch emergency services to your home. If it is a verified false alarm, we ensure first responders are not dispatched and help you reset and re-arm the system. Our dispatch procedures are in place to protect you, your family, and your property.

Highly trained agents work around the clock to secure your home.

Our alarm monitoring agents have received the top training certification in the industry. And our UL-Listed monitoring centers, staffed entirely by the Per Mar team, operate 24-hours per day, 365-days per year. Our multi-site monitoring centers mean that you still receive service should we experience a power outage. Protect your home better than ever before with alarm monitoring from Per Mar.

Convenient features make staying connected easier.

Customized Protocols

A Per Mar team member will work with you to create a customized response protocol. You can add people to your call list, opt-in to receive email and text messages when an alarm goes off, and more.

Auto Text

You can sign up to receive text alerts for non-emergency alarms, such as a low battery notification, making it easy for you to stay in the know.

Central Station Online

Central Station Online allows you to take control of your account and directly submit changes online, which are instantaneous and live. You can view your account history, set permissions, modify your call list, run reports and more.

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We can monitor multiple security systems and devices.

We monitor your home in more ways than one. Our integrated home security approach allows us to monitor your:

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Get alarm monitoring services from the industry leader.

At Per Mar , your security comes first. Stay on top of potential break-ins or fire—whether you are at home or away—with 24/7 alarm monitoring. Our highly trained monitoring center team works around the clock to keep you and your home safe. Get in touch today to learn more.

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