Home Smoke Detector Services

Per Mar Security can professionally install smoke detectors that connect to your security system to give you greater control and unmatched peace of mind.

Monitored carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

As with traditional non-monitored smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, professionally monitored detectors trigger an alarm after detecting smoke or CO. This alarm is a signal for all people in the home to get out, but a monitored fire alarm system does not stop there. Monitored alarms also send an alert to trained monitoring agents who can then contact you to verify the emergency and immediately dispatch local fire services if required. Agents can even dispatch emergency services if you are not at home during the alarm event. A monitored smoke and CO detector system installed by the security experts at Per Mar gives you ultimate peace of mind.

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We install dual sensor, photoelectric smoke and heat detectors.

You need a smoke detector system capable of alerting you and your family to the presence of smoke. We install dual sensor detectors. These detectors can identify both smoke and high heat. When the alarm triggers, it alerts those inside the home, sends a notification to your phone, and notifies agents at our 24/7 monitoring center. Prior to installation, our highly trained technicians learn the layout of your home and place the detectors in the optimal location to increase safety.

Our enhanced call verification procedure saves time.

We are committed to protecting your home, family, and everything you love. When you work with Per Mar, you can expect a high level attention to detail. To that end, we implement an enhanced call verification procedure in which we ensure that the individuals on your call list are listed and called in order of importance. You can rest assured that we will contact you immediately after receiving an alarm alert to verify the situation and dispatch local authorities as quickly as possible.

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Enjoy seamless integration with your burglar alarm system.

Our smoke detectors can integrate with your burglar alarm system to make it easy to monitor and manage your entire home from a single app. You can even receive texts, push notifications, and/or emails that alert you of alarms, so you can stay informed while you are away. Combining your burglar and fire alarm systems makes it easier than ever to control the security of your home.

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Take home security to the next level with monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

When it comes to home security, Per Mar is the leader. Get a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector system installed by our expert technicians. Enjoy 24/7 alarm monitoring. Integrate your burglar alarm system to enjoy convenience and control at your fingertips. Contact us today for a free system quote.

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