Industry-Leading Commercial Security Access Control Systems

Per Mar Security's integrated access control system allows you to easily grant and deny access to employees and visitors to secure your property.

Secure your business, monitor movement, and record activity

Access control increases security and makes inflow and outflow easier to manage. Easily issue credentials to designated employees and visitors from the access control dashboard, as well as access records for secure areas and entry and exit logs. Every action is logged in the central dashboard, and can be viewed at any time.

We have a number of secure access options available such as key card, key fob, electronic key, pin code, and Bluetooth. Per Mar will work with you to find the best solution for your organization.

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Permit or deny access with one click.

Access control gives you the power to manage building security on a granular level. The central online dashboard gives you an overview of your entire system. From there, you can permit or deny access to employees and visitors with just one click. You can even create a schedule that specifies the time and duration for which an individual has access. Get a holistic view of your facility with access control.

Eliminate metal keys and the costs associated with re-keying.

Traditional metal keys can be a major burden. You must manually keep track of who has keys. Some employees may need multiple keys, as not all doors have the same lock. And if a key is lost it must be replaced at cost. Per Mar’s access control is a more cost-effective and secure solution. With key cards, fobs, pin codes, or smart device credentials, you can easily deactivate and issue new credentials with a push of a button.

Our access control system is packed with advanced security features.

Cloud Access

With access control, building security is easier to manage through a website or mobile app. You can manage the system internally, configure access settings for every key fob, deactivate users with one click, and even lockdown the entire building from one cloud-based dashboard.

Scaled & Flexible

No two buildings are the same. You may need just one access control lock, or you may need dozens. Our expert technicians can implement an integrated system that meets your needs no matter the requirements.

Mobile Credentials

With access control, building security is easier to manage. You can manage the system internally, configure access settings for every smart device, deactivate users with one click, and even lockdown the entire building from one cloud-based dashboard.

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Quickly lockdown the entire facility during an emergency.

Utilize the lockdown function available on your centralized dashboard to lock all doors equipped with access control during an emergency. Doors will remain locked even if a previously authorized key fob smart device is held to the reader. However, you may issue VIP credentials to specific employees prior to an emergency. Emergencies can happen, and you can remain prepared with access control.

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Per Mar offers both hosted and managed access control.

Your company can manage access control entirely on its own and many choose to do so. But some companies do not have a dedicated system manager or IT personnel. This can make it difficult to take advantage of all the features and capabilities that come with our commercial security access control system. We are here to help. Per Mar offers a concierge service in which we can log into your system and assist with programming or any other assistance you may need.

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Combine door access with our video intercom system.

Access control and video intercoms go hand-in-hand to provide you with the most comprehensive security available. A video intercom system combines an HD video screen with the power of door access. Get mobile access so your staff and visitors can securely enter your facility with their smartphones. Our video intercom security solution easily integrates with your security system to provide a greater level of protection.

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Get access control from Per Mar.

Access control can improve building security and give you greater insight into your business operations. Our commercial security experts can design and implement a custom, fully integrated access control system for your business.

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