Home Environmental Monitoring

Peace of mind when you leave home has never been easier. By adding environmental sensors to your Per Mar Security system, we can alert you to unexpected conditions in your home such as water leaks, temperature changes, carbon monoxide and more.

Environmental monitoring designed to keep your family safe

Extensive property damage can be caused by flooding, pipe bursts, appliance failures, and drastic temperature changes. Unfortunately, these types of events are often unexpected—but not with Per Mar’s environmental monitoring services. Our monitoring and detection devices keep you in control, reducing the likelihood that you and your family experience the effects of a major environmental event or home system failure.

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We provide environmental monitoring for the entire home.

We can install monitoring sensors throughout your home. These sensors connect to your Per Mar security system and measure for drastic temperature changes, high water levels, frozen pipes, and carbon monoxide. More specifically, our environmental monitoring system can monitor:

  • Sump pump failures
  • Flooding from burst pipes
  • Basement flooding
  • Appliance water leaks
  • Low and high temperatures
  • Carbon monoxide

Take action if something goes wrong.

An issue like flooding can cause extensive property damage in just seconds. And abnormal temperatures can indicate poor indoor air quality, leading to problems such as mold. Our home environment monitoring service is designed to alert you if something goes wrong. This enables you to quickly act to secure property and ensure the safety of your family and your pets during an emergency.

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Control your home from your phone to stay informed 24/7.

With Per Mar, you gain greater insight into the function and security of your home. Our smartphone app makes it easy to stay informed and in control. You can customize settings based on your needs, set the thermostat, program smart locks, and check the status of water and temperature sensor at any time. You can also configure alarm notifications to receive automatic text and/or email alerts. Know your home better than ever with Per Mar’s home monitoring services.

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Live more comfortably with environmental monitoring services.

Per Mar can equip your home with environmental monitoring sensors that give you full control and full visibility into the safety of your home. Monitor the areas that you care most about at all times. Stay in-the-know with our environmental monitoring services.