Temporary Security System Rentals

Per Mar Security offers rentals of our state-of-the-art video cameras and wireless heat detection systems for short-term security needs.

The Most Reliable Temporary Security Solutions

Whether you have an unexpected security threat, a construction site or utility substation to secure, a vacant building to monitor, or a parking lot with safety issues, Per Mar can help protect your site. With our all-inclusive service program we design, install, monitor, supervise, and service all of our systems. Our live video monitoring system rentals detect and deter intruders, stopping theft and vandalism. In addition, Per Mar's heat detection system rentals help limit fire damage. As an additional layer of protection, we also offer temporary security guard coverage to help secure your facility during unexpected situations. 

Caught on Camera

See Per Mar's live video monitoring rental solutions in action at construction sites.

As a preferred vendor of insurance companies, we ensure that your construction site is protected and in compliance with security requirements.

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Per Mar's rentable Live Video Monitoring systems combine smart thermal cameras, video analytics, strobe lights, and audio recordings, with live monitoring to stop loss before it happens.

Our security cameras use thermal imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect, record, and notify our Monitoring Center of unwanted activity or people on your site. When one of our cameras sees suspicious activity at your site, our Monitoring Center agents view your site live to see what is happening, and notify authorities if needed.

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Per Mar's portable system is designed to take immediate action by deterring crime before it happens. Our specialized cameras use AI to detect intrusions and take immediate action to deter the intruders by:

  • Turning on 10,000-lumen white floodlights.
  • Playing a voice-down message instructing the intruder to leave the property immediately.
  • Activating blue and red flashing strobe lights.

Monitoring agents verify an alarm and whether or not the deterrence actions were successful. If the deterrence is unsuccessful, agents will dispatch the police and engage the intruders with live talk down. When intrusions are verified, alerts and recordings are also sent to your mobile device.


See what one client has to say about our Temporary Security Solutions

“Very good communication from start to install. The system has proven to be very effective and beneficial to our project that is in an underserved area and extremely vulnerable to criminal activity."

- Joshua, Project Manager, Management Services

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Verified Video Alarm Systems

Per Mar's Video Verified Alarm Systems can be used to protect all your valuable assets. Our rentable Video Verified Alarm System is completely wireless, operates on a cellular network, does not need power or internet, and its devices can be mounted anywhere.

When this system is tripped, it sends a 10 second video clip directly to our Monitoring Center. One of our highly trained agents quickly reviews the video to determine its cause and calls the police if they see an intruder. Police treat verified alarms with a higher priority and typically respond to them as a crime in progress. This system ensures that the authorities will not be called when non-threatening events such as wildlife or tarps blowing in the wind trigger your system. This system has led to more arrests than any other system we rent!

Video Monitoring
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Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer

Our mobile surveillance trailer is perfect for situations that need a highly visible proactive security presence or strong deterrent element. The trailer can be used in a record only or in an active monitoring event-based mode that can utilize real-time audio deterrent. The trailer’s electronics are enclosed in a secured all-weather environment and can be deployed virtually anywhere for short or long-term use. The mobile surveillance trailer is perfect for situations that need a proactive security presence, lighting, recorded, or active monitoring.

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Temporary Fire Detection & Monitoring

When your situation requires temporary fire monitoring, Per Mar has you covered. Temporary fire alarm systems are increasingly being required by insurance companies while buildings are under construction. In these situations, traditional smoke detectors are not practical to use during the construction phase of a building. We can install fixed heat or rate of rise detectors - usually in the main interior corridor of the building every fifty feet on every floor. After installation, we monitor and maintain the system for use during the construction phase of your building. When your project is over, we uninstall and move the equipment to your next project for you.

Get the best technology, and the best service, from the local experts at Per Mar.

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Remote guarding + security guards

Our AI cameras provide coverage of your entire property and can automatically detect and deter crime. When paired with our temporary security guards services, we have more visibility of critical areas on your property and are able to respond even faster, giving you peace of mind. Watch how our security guards used video surveillance to locate and catch a theft suspect in less than a minute in our Case Study: Campus Security Video Integration in Action.

Reduce risk and protect your site with per mar

When temporary security needs arise, Per Mar is here to help secure your site. See why general contractors and business owners choose Per Mar for their temporary security needs. Contact us now!