Home Security Camera Systems

Enjoy a whole-home security camera system from the security camera installation experts at Per Mar Security.

Home security camera installation services

When it comes to professional installation services, Per Mar delivers. Our licensed technicians are required to participate in training through Per Mar University, our in-house training and resource center. Our team is composed of industry veterans who train newer hires in the field. At Per Mar, the learning never ends—technicians get continuing education via NICET and stay abreast of the latest system innovations. We are experts in installing home security camera systems.

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HD security cameras with cutting-edge features.

Our fully high-definition indoor and outdoor security cameras are sure to satisfy all your needs. Our professional technicians can learn the layout of your home and install security cameras where they are needed most. You can manage the cameras on your phone or computer, enabling you to watch live footage from anywhere. All files are stored securely in the cloud for easy access so you can share footage with family and even local authorities when needed. A home security camera system installed by Per Mar is the best way to keep an eye on everything you love most.

Watch live security camera footage from anywhere.

Harness the true power of your security system with our smart home app. From the app, you can view live or recorded activity in or around your home 24/7. Because you have remote access, you can use the app to monitor your home while away. With one tap you can watch live footage to check in on family, pets, visitors, and watch for package deliveries. It’s your security camera system. View live footage when and how you want!

Indoors, outdoors, and at your door.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Keep a close watch on your home’s exterior. Not only will your outdoor security cameras see intruders, but intruders will see your outdoor security cameras, too. That’s enough to deter most burglars!

Indoor Security Cameras

Our indoor wired or wireless security cameras can be placed anywhere in your home and be your second set of eyes when you aren't there. Look in anytime to see what is happening and be alerted to potential activity.

Doorbell Cameras

See what is happening at your door with a doorbell camera from Per Mar. You can view live video footage, set automated notification alerts, and communicate with your visitors. And you can do it from home or remotely!

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Take advantage of our integrated security approach.

We can integrate multiple security systems into one. Get a residential burglar alarm system to arm and disarm your home with the touch of a button. And with live alarm monitoring, you can rest assured that we will respond to an alarm the moment we receive an alert. We can help with dispatching local authorities if need be. Professionally installed HD security cameras keep you in the know at all times. With Per Mar, you get comprehensive home security for the ultimate peace of mind.

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Professional security camera installation services.

Our goal? Design and install a custom security camera system that meets your needs. It is what we set out to accomplish everyday for homeowners just like you. Our HD security cameras, packed with advanced features, are easy to access, monitor, and manage. You get the best home security, from the local security leader, when you work with Per Mar! 

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