Drug Testing & Screening Services

Our drug testing services allow you to screen employees for a range of illicit and prescription drugs, prior to their hire and during their employment.

Reliable and accurate drug screening

Per Mar Security provides drug testing services for employers who want to perform pre-employment screening, and for those who want to test employees after a work-related accident.

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We can perform DOT-regulated drug tests

Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies must implement drug and alcohol testing for “safety-sensitive” employees, or those who work with the traveling public. Per Mar provides DOT-regulated tests, a 5-panel test which screens employees for drugs such as opioids and amphetamines. We can perform DOT-regulated pre-employment testing, random testing, post-accident testing, follow-up testing, and return-to-work testing.

We perform standard non-DOT regulated tests.

All employers—private and public—can turn to Per Mar for employee drug screening. Most common non-regulated tests screen for 5, 9, or 10 different types of drugs. Tests can be customized based on your needs. We offer rapid and lab-based testing. We can schedule urine tests, hair tests, and/or oral fluid tests. Our expert team can provide an overview of your options. To be sure, these tests are still carried out by professional testing labs and in accordance with applicable laws. We also supply our own MRO to confirm results.

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We Work with reputable testing facilities all over the country.

Specimen samples can be collected at one of the many collection sites that we work with, which means employees do not have to travel far to complete a test. Results are reported to your online account as soon as they are complete. After a drug test is requested, an appointment can be scheduled electronically. Reporting is paperless. Turnaround time depends on the type of test. For example, the result for a rapid test that is negative can be delivered in just one day.

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Work with Per Mar to complete secure, fast, and objective employee drug tests.

Drug testing is an important part of the hiring process, and for the ongoing health of your company and employees. Per Mar provides DOT-regulated drug tests, and non-regulated drug tests that meet applicable laws and quality standards. Results are delivered quickly and securely. Contact us today to learn more!

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