Home Burglar Alarm System

We are here to secure your home 24/7. With a burglar alarm system from Per Mar Security, you can protect property, family, and everything you love most.

Custom installed security solutions designed for your home

At Per Mar, we never install one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to learn your needs with an in-depth home security assessment. We are flexible and can accommodate both customers who need a simple alarm system and those who need a complex system. Our highly trained technicians install the alarm, and we provide 24/7 tech support to help you when a question comes up or an issue arises. Best of all? Per Mar is the local home security expert. Our team members all work in the same communities that they live!

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Take control of your home from anywhere.

A burglar alarm system installed by Per Mar comes with the latest, most advanced technology. You can control your entire home from a phone or computer, and you can do it remotely. From the app, you can view and manage the burglar alarm system. You can arm or disarm the system with one click. And you can add users to the system—for example, children or grandparents—so they too can access and manage the alarm system. All actions are recorded in the app, giving you a detailed history of how, when, and who accessed the alarm. The best home security, installed by the pros at Per Mar, is now at your fingertips!

Learn about our all-in-one keypad:

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Advanced security features that are easy to use.

Burglar alarm systems installed by Per Mar are easy to use, with advanced features that give you custom control of your home. Arm or disarm your system with one tap on our smartphone app. Setup notifications that alert you via text or email the moment an alarm goes off. Configure Arm/Stay settings that keep the alarm active when you are at home. Get these features and more with a burglar alarm system from Per Mar.

Get a whole-home integrated security system from the Midwest’s leading security provider.

Our security consultants will meet with you to determine the best security solutions for your home. We recommend only what you need and nothing you don’t. View our options below:

Touchscreen Keypad

Our touchscreen keypads are easy to use and customize based on your preferences. They are WiFi connected and sync with our smart home app.

Security Cameras

A security camera system enables you to keep an eye on what is happening. You can even watch live video footage from your phone remotely.

Motion Detectors

Get alerted to movement within or around your home with motion detectors that automatically trigger when your burglar alarm is armed.

Glass Break Sensors

Do you have windows that are easily accessible? If so, our glass break sensors are key as they will notify you in the event of broken glass.

Door Sensors

Door sensors are an important component of burglar alarm systems as they will notify you in the event a door opens unexpectedly.

Environmental Sensors

Keep a close eye on your home to monitor floods, leaks, appliance damage, and indoor temperature with home environmental sensors.

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Take advantage of 24/7 live alarm monitoring.

Per Mar’s local alarm monitoring centers operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. If your burglar alarm activates, our agents will respond immediately to provide help. We will dispatch local authorities to your home during an emergency. If the alarm is a verified false alarm, we can help you disarm the system and ensure that emergency services are not dispatched. Get peace of mind knowing that whether you are at home or away, Per Mar is there to help when an alarm activates.

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Smarter security for your smart home.

Our burglar alarm system gives you access to smart home automation technology, allowing you to manage and control the function of your entire home from your phone. Our security devices can connect to your favorite virtual assistant, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. You can also connect dozens of Z-Wave devices, like smart thermostats and smart lights, giving you greater control of your home. You can control your burglar alarm and all connected devices from Per Mar’s smart home app.

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Secure your home with a burglar alarm system. 

At Per Mar, we live in the same communities that we secure. We have helped thousands of Midwest homeowners just like you secure their home and protect their family. When you work with us, you get professional service, competitive pricing, and proven home security. Contact us today to receive a free burglar alarm system quote.  

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