Commercial Security Camera Monitoring Services From Per Mar

Get live video monitoring services that combine innovative technologies with expert, highly trained monitoring agents.

Detect, Deter, and Respond to Alarms

Per Mar Security has designed an exclusive Intelligent Video Monitoring (IVM) system that detects intruders as soon as they arrive on your property, automatically activating an audio deterrent and alerting our agents to dispatch authorities. IVM combines smart thermal cameras, video analytics, an audio deterrent, and 24/7 monitoring agents to stop loss before it happens.

Intelligent Video Monitoring takes live video monitoring to the next level!

Stop Loss Before It Happens.

Watch the clips below to see how Per Mar's Intelligent Video Monitoring helps prevent theft, trespassing, and vandalism.

Intelligent video monitoring from Per Mar is the most advanced monitoring solution.

Intelligent Video Monitoring gives us a decided edge in securing your business against crime. Advanced analytics bring security cameras to life and provide information such as people counting, heat maps, and traffic stats. Our analytics platform can even recognize license plates. We can customize solutions based on your needs. No matter your business or industry, Intelligent Video Monitoring from Per Mar gives you greater asset protection than ever before.

See what one client has to say about Intelligent Video Monitoring.

“IVM has been a game-changer for our business. I sleep well at night knowing that our property and my customers’ assets are secure. Per Mar’s system and service are top-notch!”

- Chad, General Manager, Auto Auction 

Video Monitoring
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We are live video monitoring experts.

Our monitoring center agents are Per Mar strong. They receive training in-house and have access to the latest video surveillance technologies. We believe in ongoing education and make it a priority to elevate our knowledge every day. Our monitoring center is local and our security agents work in the same communities they live in. This is all in an effort to provide Midwest organizations with the best commercial security services available today. You can rely on Per Mar to be there when you need us most!


Improve Security

Get a system capable of detecting crime and other emergencies, like fire, as it happens. Live video monitoring helps you better manage and monitor video surveillance, keeping you in control.

Decrease Response Times

Our agents can view live security footage and communicate the situation to authorities in real-time as they respond. In our experience, first responders give priority to video verified emergencies.

Cost-Effective & Reliable

Live video monitoring is an affordable solution that expands your security coverage. In many cases, we can integrate existing security cameras with this service. Our cameras can alert the monitoring center if they are tampered with or malfunctioning, enabling us to fix the issue right away.

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Learn more about Live Video Monitoring advanced features.

Thermal Detection
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Get remote guarding capabilities.

Intelligent Video Monitoring can provide security camera coverage to your entire property. Our AI cameras can automatically detect and deter crime. When this service is paired with our on-site security guards, we have more visibility of critical areas on your property and are able to respond even faster, giving you the ultimate protection.

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Live monitoring for indoors and outdoors.

Per Mar's monitored security cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors. Technicians will strategically install the cameras to maximize coverage. We can monitor IP and thermal IP cameras. The system is scalable, as each recorder can connect with up to 128 security cameras. You can expand beyond 128 cameras so long as you have sufficient bandwidth. Get the best technology, and the best service, from the local experts at Per Mar.

SightSensor HD camera

Reduce risk with live video monitoring services.

Per Mar's Intelligent Video Monitoring service is the future of security. Deter, detect, and respond to crime better than ever before. Learn more about our live video monitoring capabilities today. Contact us now!

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