Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Get a monitored fire alarm system professionally installed to meet all regulations.

Safeguard your business

A fire can double in size in just 30 seconds. When it comes to business security, a monitored fire alarm system is a must. Per Mar Security’s highly trained and licensed fire alarm system experts can design, install, monitor, test, and service the fire alarm at your business. We are here with the best technology and unmatched customer service that is required to safeguard property, people, and assets.

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Meet local, state, and federal regulations.

Commercial building codes are complex and dense. You need an expert in your corner who can design and install a compliant fire alarm system that meets all fire codes. We provide NFPA 72 inspections. Our technicians learn your needs and build a professional system that is up to code. We can install a system that meets your needs, regardless of property size or system complexity.

Professionally monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors.

An unmonitored fire alarm system can leave your company vulnerable. For example, when a fire occurs, help is reliant upon someone manually notifying the fire department. A monitored fire alarm system takes security to another level. Trained agents at our monitoring center work 24/7 to protect your property. When a fire alarm goes off, we immediately dispatch local authorities. Rest assured that Per Mar is there to help day and night.

Our monitored fire alarm systems include:

Dual Sensor Detectors

Should a fire spark, our dual sensor detectors quickly identify smoke or heat.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

In the event of a fire, our round-the-clock alarm monitoring center will immediately dispatch emergency personnel to your location.

Seamless Integration

We have an integrated approach to security—we can combine your commercial fire and burglar alarm systems, increasing peace of mind.

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Trusted technicians get the job done right.

A fire alarm system installation can be complex. You do not want to deal with a faulty, malfunction system that causes false alarms or simply does not work as intended. The experienced and professional technicians at Per Mar can get the job done right. From system design to system installation, we are here to get you a fully operational fire alarm system that complies with all relevant codes. And with 24/7 alarm monitoring, you can trust that we will always be there to help.

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We perform commercial fire inspections to help you stay in compliance.

Fire inspections are very important and necessary. Inspections ensure that your system is operating and meeting all state and local code requirements. Inspections also serve to detect any potential issues that need to be addressed. Some insurance carriers require you to complete consistent scheduled fire inspections—otherwise, in the event of a fire, the insurer may reject your claim.

We are the leading commercial fire alarm system installer.

Per Mar is leading the way with advanced fire alarm system solutions. Our expert technicians can design and install a system that is fully compliant. And we are always there with 24/7 alarm monitoring.

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