Commercial Security Systems

Get a fully integrated burglar alarm system custom-designed to meet your business needs from the local security experts at Per Mar Security.

Full-service commercial security system solutions

Per Mar can design and install the most advanced business security systems available today. We are here with the affordable solutions that you need to keep your business safe and secure. Our professional security agents know the challenges that you face and can implement a comprehensive burglar alarm system just as we have done for companies all over the Midwest.

Per Mar install rep showing client new alarm panel
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Easy to use security systems.

We offer professionally installed burglar, fire, and access control systems that you can easily manage and control from our smartphone app or control panel. Our systems are more reliable and far less susceptible to hacks. The burglar alarm system is entirely customizable. We can install motion sensors, contact sensors, strobe lights, sirens, and emergency lights. Our team can even integrate your alarm panel with our smartphone app that allows you to set alarm actions, delegate access, and configure dozens of settings.

Get notifications sent straight to your phone the moment an alarm goes off.

Staying in-the-know has never been easier with a security system from Per Mar. Use our app to set alarm notification settings to receive alerts via push, text, email, or call. And you can configure these settings to alert such that they alert multiple phones, so the right person is notified at the right time. These advanced features take security and convenience to the next level.

We install business security systems for companies large and small.

Small Businesses

We have decades of experience installing security systems for small businesses at places like restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, boutiques, and more.

Mid- to Large-Size Businesses

We can deliver a comprehensive security system for mid- to large-size companies including places like banks, grocery stores, multi-story office buildings, warehouses, gas stations, and more.

Multiple Properties

Per Mar can even accommodate large commercial companies with multiple properties, like healthcare facilities, school districts, and manufacturing plants.

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Combine your burglar alarm system with our suite of security services.

A burglar alarm is a critical system in preventing theft and break-ins, but our services don’t stop there. We can install an integrated system to get you the ultimate in security. Our security systems can include:

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Per Mar client using Per Mar Security phone app to view cameras and verify false alarm
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Arm and disarm your alarm on a set schedule.

You can configure arm and disarm settings for one, multiple, or all alarms with just one click in our app or from the system’s online dashboard. This custom setup is a powerful tool that ensures your burglar alarm system works on your schedule. Your company can also confirm that the system works properly by conducting alarm tests. Simply use the keypad to put the alarm in ‘Test Mode’ or give us a call and we can do it remotely.

Get the best in commercial security with a burglar alarm system from Per Mar.

At Per Mar, your security is our top priority. Our commercial burglar alarm system is built from the ground up and customized with the devices and features that meet your needs. Go with the local leader in commercial security—go with Per Mar! Get in touch today.

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