5 Simple Ways To Get More Out Of Your Business Security System

September 24, 2018

Business Security SystemsEmploying multiple security strategies, such as indoor and outdoor video surveillance, will increase your chances of catching intruders, but what else can your existing system do for you? Check out our top tips on how to get more out of your business security system and tune in next time for tips on how to get more out of your home security system!

1. Staff Training

Fully training all employees is the first step to ensuring security alarm system success, which can only be used at its fullest capacity with the right education. Don’t get us wrong; learning the ins and outs isn’t complicated! It’s quite easy actually, but a good crash course (and periodic refresher courses) can go a long way.

When it comes to your business security system, assume everyone is on a “need to know” basis to avoid any potential user error issues down the line. Contact us to set up a free training at your convenience.

SIDE NOTE: It’s easy to set up text alerts so that you, the business owner, are notified immediately when your systems encounters user errors, such as leaving a secure door open or forgetting to set the alarm. Full checks and balances means full freedom.


2. Alarm Scheduling

An underutilized feature of our business alarm systems is our monitored open/close signals or, better yet, scheduled open/close signals. These signals are used by our Monitoring Center to call the person of record if the system is not armed/disarmed by a certain time. Business owners love it because it prevents them from having to micromanage when their business is opening and whether the system is being set or not. Plus, they can easily get text alerts when the system is armed or disarmed. Full freedom means less stress.


3. Increase Safety and Productivity

Not only do camera systems give business owners the freedom to leave their businesses for extended periods, but they also allow for viewing of real-time safety precautions and proficiencies in the workplace. Check in on attendance and ensure certain essential functions are being covered while you’re away. Use recorded examples of both productive and unproductive work habits to assist your HR department with training. Less stress means finding new efficiencies and ways to stretch your investments.


4. Register Your Alarms

PSA: Most municipalities require business owners to either obtain a permit or register their commercial security and fire monitoring systems (typically for a fee). In other words, if you want the local police to respond to your emergency, it is your job to first comply with their rules.


False alarms waste their time and taxpayer’s money but verified alarms get their attention. Check with your local police department to find out of this is required in your area and what the process is in order to avoid delays, fines or even refusal to dispatch emergency personnel. Being more efficient means further protection of your investment.


5. Prevent Flood Damage

In areas where water pipes are present (bathrooms, kitchenettes and break rooms) or technology is stored, environmental monitoring sensors (high/low temperature and water detection, for example) serve as a nice complement to your security system. They can prevent small problems from turning into larger ones, especially during those times when nobody is around.

One business owner in Duluth, MN was relieved to be woken up at 2 am when a leak in her roof led to water in her server room. She was able to react quickly and prevent any long term damage! Further protection of your investment means more money back in your pocket.

Your security system has technology beyond what you may have initially intended it for and it’s our job to make you aware of these features. That being said, we’ll never lose sight of our number one job – protecting your people, property and profits.

Utilizing the five tips in this week’s blog will help you get the most out of your alarm system while protecting what’s most important. Please let your local security consultant know if he or she can help!