5 Tips for Controlling Your Smart Thermostat

May 15, 2019

What to wear and where to set your home’s temperature are the two big daily questions that plague midwesterners each season. If the fluctuation between warm and cool weather has you flustered, consider a smart thermostat to simplify your life. As a bonus, it will make your home more eco-friendly which means lower heating and air conditioning bills! Below are our top five tips for controlling your smart, Z-wave enabled thermostat.


Automated Control

Automation is the key to a stress-free life. Program your smart thermostat to raise/lower at set times for maximum savings. If you leave for and come home from work around the same time each day and your pets are cool with it, then use the programming features accordingly to keep heating and A/C costs down.


Remote Control

Your remote control is your smartphone (or any web-enabled device) and, thanks to Per Mar’s smart home app, you have the ability to control your smart thermostat from anywhere. So, if you’ve put off programming and left for work (or even vacation) but aren’t sure if you remembered to turn the temperature up or down, simply monitor and adjust on the go!


Auto Shut-Off

If your fire alarm goes off, your smart thermostat will automatically turn the furnace or A/C off so as not to spread smoke throughout the house. How? The power of a Z-wave smart thermostat combined with your smart home app.


Catastrophe Control

If you have a second home, vacation home, or rental property, a smart thermostat can help avoid long distance HVAC disasters. Remotely monitor all of your properties using the Per Mar smart home app to detect malfunctioning heating and A/C units from anywhere in the world.


As with all technology, there is a learning curve with smart thermostats. It’s worth getting to know your unit and, as always, we can help! Contact us for a free consultation or refresher course and one of our professionals will gladly give you the tour.