Advancements in Access Control Readers

July 14, 2023

Access control gives you the power to manage your building security on a granular level but have you ever thought about the technology behind it? Specifically the access control readers? It’s okay if you haven’t because staying up-to-date on the latest technology is our job. Rest assured that we’ve implemented the appropriate updates to keep you as secure as possible. 

Check out as Kevin Link, Senior Manager of Technical Services at Per Mar, speaks with Brach Bengtzen from the Big Access Podcast at ISC West this past April.

Red™ Readers vs. Standard Readers

The standard Wiegand reader was sufficient in the past, but times have changed, as they always do. The reality is that once its credentials could be cloned by the machines at big box home improvement stores, they became unsecured and dangerous. The high-security readers cannot be cloned and have much to offer. 

Our high-security Red™ Readers offer OSDP secure connectivity, high (13.56MHz) and low-frequency (125 kHz) communication, and mobile-ready options. Red™ Readers are now one of the most secure and versatile readers on the market and can handle every application from daily installation to the most secure implementation. 

Other pluses of the highly secure Red™ Readers

  • Wire doesn’t have to be run for each reader now that multi-drop accommodates many readers by running one cable length.
  • Powered by the cloud, ours is the only access solution offering real-time updates, cloud backup, and 24-hour support. 
  • Variety of controllers for entry or enterprise level.
  • Future proof
  • The app doubles as fully encrypted mobile credentials which unlock doors using your smartphone.
  • Easy firmware updates. 

Implementing Per Mar’s access control solutions for your business means more than just keeping unwanted visitors out. Effortlessly manage access control for your organization through our user-friendly dashboard. From issuing credentials to employees and visitors to accessing records of secure areas and entry logs, every action is securely logged and readily available for viewing in the central dashboard.

Whether hosted or managed access control, choose from a variety of secure access options, including key cards, key fobs, electronic keys, pin codes, and Bluetooth. Plus, our access control systems can be integrated with security cameras, burglar alarms, and fire alarms. Our team at Per Mar will collaborate with you to identify and implement the most suitable access control solution that aligns with your organization’s needs and requirements. Contact us to learn more!