Business Blog: Where to Strategically Place Your Security Cameras

March 9, 2020

While Walmart may not publicly admit it, their decision to move away from having fewer 24-hour supercenters probably has more to do with theft than it does customer service. There are hundreds of thousands of commercial burglaries that cost business owners hundreds of millions of dollars in lifted merchandise each year. If altering your business hours is not an option or not helpful to you in preventing on-premises crime (or even if it is), consider having visible security cameras in the following locations.

Point of Sale

As we’ve said before, don’t discount employee theft no matter how much you trust your employees. For their sake and for the customer’s sake, it’s good to have a recording of exactly what happened in the case of a suspicion or a dispute.

Low Traffic Areas

Placing cameras in high-traffic areas is obvious, and burglars know it. Don’t omit the dead zones where criminals can get to work with no onlookers.

Points of Entry/Exit

Crime is often not rocket science. Break-ins typically occur via the front and back doors or ground-level windows, so having a camera recording all points of entry/exit could do two things, 1) act as a deterrent and 2) help law enforcement catch your criminals. It’s also recommended to keep cameras on your parking lot and loading docks.


If you have valuables, then it probably makes sense to keep a 24-7 security camera on them. This goes beyond high-ticket items such as electronics and tools, too. Perhaps your data, files or even the code to your server room are the most valuable things you possess. Keep a close watch on the areas which you find valuable but also where criminals place value.

Where NOT to Place Your Security Cameras

Avoid bathrooms or changing rooms for legal and ethical purposes but, otherwise, think in terms of camera angles. Pay close attention to how you’re positioning the cameras (or let a professional install them for you). You want to be able to catch an intruder’s face without the camera being within reach for tampering. You also want to choose the camera(s) most suited to your needs (consider the lighting and other variables). Contact us for more information and keep your business Per Mar protected!