Car Dealership Security Tips Inspired by the Kia Challenge

June 6, 2023

If you run a car dealership – especially one that sells Kias or Hyundais – then you’re well aware of the manufacturing oversight that has led to millions of stolen vehicles and a viral TikTok challenge. For those not familiar with the “Kia Challenge” and/or “Kia Boys,” the lack of an immobilizer (hardware that prevents the engine from starting until the proper key is presented) is at the root of the problem, allowing burglars to start and steal vehicles in mere seconds easily. 

Once a few social media warriors caught wind of how easy it is to steal these cars with only a USB cord and a screwdriver, a new TikTok challenge was created that also doubled as a “how to” guide for others who wanted to partake in grand theft auto (mostly doing it for social media recognition). The videos went viral and, over one year later, it’s still problematic. 

If you own/operate a car dealership and want more ideas on how to keep your vehicles safe from theft (regardless of make/model), check out our tips below. 

Susceptible vehicles include: 

  • 2017-2020 Elantra
  • 2015-2019 Sonata
  • 2020-2021 Venue
  • 2011-2021 Kias
  • 2015-2021 Hyundais

Anti-theft updates include deterrent stickers, giving away more than 26,000 steering wheel locks, installing longer alarms, and replacing push starts with physical key ignitions. If you own one of the above vehicles, visit our last blog for more information on Hyundai’s free anti-theft upgrades (look up your vehicle by VIN). 

Invest in Video Surveillance + Live Video Monitoring

It’s no secret that security cameras can be game changers but be sure to install and use live video plus live video monitoring by trained security professionals. Not only will you be able to catch and/or deter car thieves in the act but you’ll have fewer false alarms. Look for a system with remote capabilities, motion triggers, live video, and archived clips. There is no better way to catch or deter car thieves in the act than with Per Mar’s 24/7 Intelligent Video Monitoring cameras. For more information, please visit and bookmark our Intelligent Video Monitoring for Dealerships blog. 

Use Strategic Lighting, Physical Barriers & Access Control in Tandem

Not only will the proper lighting deter car thieves but it will make it easier for your video surveillance system or live video monitoring to capture activity during evening hours. Coupled with physical barriers and/or fences, and now those thieves won’t have an easy escape. Lastly, by installing an access control system on your entrance/exit gates, you can use a unique passcode to provide further security. 

Install a Monitored Alarm System

If you haven’t already invested in a security system (or even if you have), make sure you get 24/7 monitoring. Having qualified and trained professionals to respond to your alarm events can make the difference in catching thieves or being blacklisted on the “too many false alarms” list. 

We monitor burglar alarms—including motion detectors, security cameras, glass break sensors, and door sensors—as well as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and access control systems. Our monitoring center is UL listed, Five Diamond certified and FM-approved.

We are here to protect your people, property, and profits. After learning about your day-to-day ops, we find the most strategic placement for your security cameras throughout your car lot. It’s hard enough to turn a profit these days without the added challenge of lost revenue and profits. We are here to help. Fill out our online form to request more information.