Elevating Your Business’ Security with Cloud-Based Access Control

April 16, 2024

In today’s fast-paced business world, managing who enters your building and when is more crucial than ever. Cloud-based access control is revolutionizing how businesses handle security, offering unparalleled convenience and full protection against unauthorized access.

The Shift to Cloud: A Game Changer

Gone are the days of manual updates and server maintenance headaches. Cloud-based platforms automate the entire process, providing a seamless, single-app solution that turns your phone into a key card. This shift not only simplifies database management across multiple locations but also ensures you’re always running the latest, most secure software version.

Integrated Security Solutions

With cloud technology, integrating Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and access control systems has never been easier. This synergy allows for real-time monitoring and enhanced security measures, including automatic updates, email, and text alerts for any security breaches.

Why Upgrade?

For businesses already equipped with access control, transitioning to cloud-based systems means eliminating the need for on-premise servers and ongoing IT maintenance, cutting costs, and improving efficiency. The ability to deactivate employees’ access remotely the instant they leave the company further enhances security and convenience.

Cost Considerations & Tax Savings

The long-term IT infrastructure and maintenance savings often offset the monthly cloud storage costs. Moreover, the flexibility and advanced features offered by cloud-based systems make them an efficient choice. 

Plus, there are no more sunken costs in printing off badges or key fobs, not to mention the tax savings. Not only are you forgoing depreciating assets, but your cloud-based service is a tax write-off (the same way utilities are operational expenses). 

A Growing Standard Across Industries

From manufacturing and banking to retail and educational institutions, cloud-based access control is becoming a standard security measure. 

Banks have embraced this technology in order to comply with federal regulations and audit access to sensitive areas.

Many grocery store chains are now controlling access to every entry point, interior door, compactors, overhead doors, and HR office on their premises. 

Schools are top of mind as they navigate emergencies of all types. Their approach is not unlike that of the grocery store chains, leaving no entry unsecured.

Pro tip: Per Mar is an approved CESA vendor in Wisconsin. 

Pairs Well with Intelligent Video Monitoring 

Beyond deterring traditional crime, cloud-based access control systems address modern security concerns, including unauthorized access by potentially violent individuals or the homeless seeking shelter. These systems pair effectively with Intelligent Video Monitoring for a comprehensive security solution for your business. The threat of catching crime in the act is a surefire way to keep it at bay.

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As businesses continue to prioritize security, cloud-based access control offers an extremely simple yet efficient solution to manage access and monitor your premises. The vast adoption rate across various industries underscores its effectiveness in protecting assets, employees, and customers alike. Set up a free consultation to learn more!