The Dangers of DIY Security for (Small) Businesses

December 12, 2020

You have a (small) business to run and protect. You’ve researched DIY security systems online but installing one isn’t as simple as it sounds. Investing the time to become an overnight “expert” could be costly now and much costlier later (think money and time). Here’s why we recommend letting the professionals handle your business security system installation and maintenance.

Technician installing security camera


Expertise & Professional Installation

One night or one hour of cramming a user’s manual cannot replace years of expertise. Perhaps one reason why DIY security systems are on the decline is that they just aren’t as effective as those that are professionally installed. Questions to consider before attempting to tackle this yourself:

  • How many cameras are needed to cover all vulnerable areas?
  • Are there areas that need more coverage than others?
  • Are you able to hide the wiring or keep it out of reach so that it’s not accessible by criminals?
  • Are motion or glass break sensors necessary?
  • Who will properly test your system?
  • Does DIY installation negate your parts warranty?
  • What happens when there is a true emergency and you aren’t there to respond to it (or you’re there but unable)?

Even if your DIY install job was quick, what happens when things eventually go awry? What if your motion sensor stops detecting motion? Many of the DIY video surveillance cameras on the market run on just one frequency, so what happens when they stop recording? This makes your DIY alarm system vulnerable to intruders who know to use a wireless device to prevent alarm signals from reaching the receiver. Check out our hackers blog for more details!

Do you have the time to become a security system expert while running your small business? When it’s time to service your unit, a quick phone call might do the trick but there are times when an on-site visit is necessary. Not to mention, business doesn’t stop while you’re obtaining DIY knowledge and doing all of the work yourself.


24/7 Monitoring

An unmonitored security system is like having a computer with no hard drive. It looks high-tech and useful but it’s not really doing you any justice. In order to be fully protected, business owners need to know that emergency situations are being immediately and automatically dispatched to the proper authorities and the only way to do that is by hiring a professional security company with a 24/7 monitoring center.


What if you’re home asleep and you don’t hear your smartphone alert that there’s been suspicious activity at the shop? You see the alert the next morning but now a burglary has occurred at your small business and it’s hours before anyone is notified, making local law enforcement less likely to catch the intruder(s). What if you’re out of town or incapacitated in some way? There are too many opportunities for disaster to strike at the most inopportune time, which tends to be exactly when it strikes.


Reliability & Quality

It’s no secret that low upfront costs are the primary attraction to DIY security systems but there are a few factors to consider. Users are reported to replace their systems or system components within a year of purchase due to faulty or unreliable parts.

Speaking of parts, they are typically more expensive when purchased individually vs. in bulk (which negates the savings from professional installation fees). But all of those costs pale in comparison to the cost of having weak or pixelated footage (or no footage) when claims are being made against your business. Now you’re facing insurance payouts and potential legal fees. Utilizing the latest high-definition video surveillance systems combined with 24/7 monitoring can make the difference!

Oftentimes, DIY security systems sound appealing and seemingly better than doing nothing at all but tend to cause more problems than they solve. We understand how valuable your time and money are and work to keep you running your business while we keep your security system running. And it may not be as costly as you think! Try us on for size by contacting us and requesting a free, no-pressure security assessment!