​Energy Tips for Your Business

April 19, 2018

Part two of our Earth Day blog series will answer your top 10 business-related energy questions. Why? Because every penny counts!

  1. Communicate your energy-savings goals with your staff – creating awareness can go a long way in helping to reach your green goals.
  2. Ask your electric utility company for an energy audit – get a full inspection plus notification of any leaks, drafts, insulation issues, and more.
  3. Use ENERGY STAR® equipment and appliances when possible.
  4. Install sensor lights and programmable thermostats – automation at its finest.
  5. Utilize technology such as remote access to take your programmable thermostat one step further. Control your thermostat, burglar alarm and more from any web-enabled device. So, when everyone is off for the next holiday and your programmable thermostat isn’t aware of the day off, you’re covered without having to go into the office and make the change!
  6. Use natural light when possible and switch to CFL or LED bulbs from the incandescent variety (this includes your “EXIT” and other signs).
  7. Utilize fans to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and also to keep it cooler (remember to turn them off when the area is vacant – fans cool people, not rooms).
  8. Speaking of your HVAC system, proper annual maintenance and tune-ups can go a long way! Click here for ENERGY STAR®’s maintenance checklist.
  9. Consider switching to a retail energy supplier for the most competitive energy rates and flexible payment plans.
  10. Shut down daily – use surge protectors as not only protection from power surges but also an easy way to power down computers and other electronics each day. The same goes for all electronics and kitchenette appliances.

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