Prevent Your Home Security Camera from Being Hacked

July 21, 2017

One of the great ironies of life can be that the devices we create to protect us, can sometimes be used against us. The odds of this happening are slim, but the fear isn’t exactly unfounded.

Skilled hackers can break into internet-connected products in minutes, and consumers are unknowingly giving hackers a new opportunity to gain access. The good news is that homeowners can take simple measures to prevent hacking, and use their home security devices with confidence.

Ways to Protect Against Home Security Camera Hacks

According to the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report, one in five connected home device users doesn’t have any protective measures in place for their devices.

Luckily, protecting yourself isn’t too difficult. Here are some tips for preventing hacks of your connected home security cameras.


Tip #1: Use strong passwords

It sounds like an obvious solution, but you may be shocked if you knew how frequently people set up security camera systems and don’t change the default username and password.

When setting up your cameras, be sure to use a strong password. Experts will tell you it’s best to create passwords that combine letters (both upper and lower cases), numbers, and symbols. The more complex, the better.


Tip #2: Secure your home wireless network

Securing your WiFi network is another strategy for protecting your connected home security camera and other devices against hackers. You can do this by giving your home router a stronger password, updating the default SSID (ie. network) name, and/or turning off guest networking and sharing.


Tip #3: Regularly update your security camera’s firmware

Manufacturers of home security cameras periodically update their firmware to fix bugs and enhance product performance. Sometimes these bug fixes solve security flaws, so make sure you are always using the most recent update.


Tip #4: Purchase your home security camera from a trusted source

Whether a DIY solution or a locally monitored home security service, there are many sources to choose from when shopping for WiFi-connected home security cameras. Many wireless home security cameras that you can get at big box stores authenticate users without requiring them to create passwords. When purchasing used security equipment, you won’t know who has previously accessed the equipment or whether there were any unauthorized modifications made.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you do your research and purchase security equipment from a reliable company who takes precautions to protect their products.


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