The Importance of Monitored Fire & CO Protection In Your ‘For Sale’ or New Home

February 3, 2020

It’s called ‘real’ estate but, all too often, the aesthetics of a home get all of the attention, and what really matters can often slip through the foundation cracks. We love solid surface counter tops and bonus rooms just as much as the next person but we also appreciate a home that is protected. Of course, it’s important for homeowners to feel safe in a home with security features like intrusion alarms, motion detectors, and security cameras. It is recommended that every home has two key life safety solutions – a fire alarm system and CO detection.


Life Safety Solutions: Fire Alarm & CO Detection

Smoke alarm engulfed in smoke

Whether you are buying or selling or both, always ensure that life safety systems – fire alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors – are present. As the seller, this shows you truly care about more than just your property and are willing to go the extra mile. As the buyer, you don’t want to overlook the one thing that could save lives. Carbon monoxide is the number one silent killer and all too easy to overlook. If you make it a priority before even moving in, you’ll be less likely to overlook it down the line.


Professional Installation

There are many ways in which to approach the installation of your fire alarms and CO detectors. You can either DIY it or hire it out. In the DIY scenario, most homeowners will not have the know-how or training to install the proper technology. For example, knowing the optimum placement of each component for maximum effectiveness in the event of an emergency. Also, if things go wrong, who will troubleshoot with you?

With a professional installer, they have been trained to know where to place smoke detectors and CO detectors for optimal coverage in your home. If your system isn’t working properly you will receive automated notifications and access to professionals when service issues arise. And, there is no need to worry about mucking up your beautiful new or for sale home with unprofessional workmanship!

All of that being said, the number one reason to use professional installation is 24/7 monitoring. DIY systems don’t offer that option nor do many of the security companies out there. More information on monitoring in the next section!



fire alarm system is only as good as its monitoring center and alarm monitoring is a great talking point when selling or buying a home.


Loud alarms get the job done; they alert people to danger and get them to move away from said danger. But, that is where their abilities cease. To make your potential buyers, or yourself, feel safe during a fire or CO leak, give peace of mind with a 24/7 on-call monitoring center. At Per Mar, when the Monitoring Center receives a fire or CO alarm signal, they will dispatch the authorities immediately when the new homeowners cannot be reached or are unable to provide the password. There’s no time to waste in a life-threatening emergency.

Your new home sale or purchase deserves your full attention! Don’t leave out what could be the most important residential feature. Call us for more information or a free quote!