The Importance of Security Reviews – Home Edition

February 8, 2019

When security for your family and home is what you want, then security for your family and home is what you should get. In the DIY world, you’re knowingly left to your own devices. But did you know that the same is true with some home security companies, too? While customers are expecting expertise and hand-holding with these companies, they instead feel a little more DIY because they are quickly abandoned after the order is placed. There is no follow-up or support and certainly not an in-home security review.

What’s the harm in that?

Read on to learn the importance of security reviews for your home (and also peer into why DIY isn’t the best fit when it comes to protecting who you love most)!


What Is a Security Review & Why Do I Need One?

In a Per Mar issued home security review, one of our full-time professional security consultants visits your home to conduct a site review. This involves (but is not limited to) observing family dynamics, home and property layouts, family schedules, and any specific concerns each family has. At Per Mar, this process is free and thorough but also painless!

We can’t effectively recommend a home security system without first seeing what we’re working with. We feel the security of your family and home are too important to be treated as a cookie cutter. All of our consultants are trained to look and listen for cues so that nothing is missed. They are seeking out weak points that intruders such as burglars, fires, and leaking water also seek.

What Do The Professionals Need to Know in Order to Best Protect You?

Plan for an hour or two for a thorough review of the inside and outside areas of your home. As a security consultant approaches your home, he or she will be looking out for outdoor cues such as:

  • Is there enough lighting? How many floodlights are there? Are they motion-activated?
    • Bright lights are to burglars what kryptonite is to Superman.
  • Does this home look lived in?
    • If everything is too perfect and orderly, it might appear as though you are on vacation; vacationing families make for easy home access.
  • What types of window coverings are visible from the outside?
    • If the windows aren’t properly covered, you’re advertising when you are and aren’t home.
  • Is there a functioning doorbell chime?
  • Are there shrubs? How large are they? Do they need to be trimmed?
  • Are there toys in the yard or other items indicative of the presence of children?
    • A home with children has different security needs than a home without them.
  • Is there a swimming pool or a hot tub in the backyard?
    • Additional door sensors or video cameras near the back door might make sense.

Upon entering, a security review includes learning things about the interior of your home such as:

  • Are there children and pets in the home?
  • Is there a fireplace or wood-burning stove?
  • How many levels does the house have?
  • How many entry and exit points are there (doors and windows)?
  • Do the parents work outside the home? Is there adult supervision at all times?
  • Do the kids come and go while the parents are away?
  • How often does the family travel? What are their travel patterns?
  • What are this family’s immediate concerns?

Our favorite question to ask is, “if your home could talk, what would it say?” This gets homeowners thinking in different terms. We often have to think like intruders in order to avoid and protect against them. During the walk-through, we will also check for environmental risk factors plus any potential needs for life safety solutions, home automation, and video services.

  • Environmental Monitoring is often recommended where the following are present: sump pumps, toilets, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. We also observe which floor these items live on; if your washing machine is on an upper level and you have a water leak that you are unaware of, there could be severe damage to multiple levels of your home. A monitored Per Mar environmental monitoring system alerts you to a water leak immediately.
  • Life Safety Solutions are important for homes with garages, heaters in the garage and fireplaces, or wood-burning stoves due to risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and/or fire.
  • Home Automation is extremely convenient when paired with thermostats, door locks, light switches, controllers, water shut-off valves, and Alexa. We pair them via your home security system and all of them can be automated, which means they are fully functional from your smartphone or other web-enabled devices.
  • Video Services are useful for checking in on pets in the middle of the day, protecting your vehicles, preventing package theft, appearing to be home, managing your doorbell chime (great for parents with little ones), seeing who comes and goes, watching children who are home alone and receiving alerts on your smartphone or other web-enabled devices.

During your home security review, there will also be insights from your day-to-day life that are easy to overlook or take for granted such as refreshers on why candles burning with kids around can be dangerous or the risks of large televisions on tall, unstable furniture. This obligation-free service is provided whether or not you become a Per Mar customer as we truly have you and your family’s safety in mind!


How Do I Sign Up For a Free Security Review?

Signing up for a free security review is easy. Either fill out this short form or call us at (800) 473-7627. Expect a professional consultation from a Per Mar employee (no imposters!) with absolutely zero sales pressure, vigorous note-taking, and a complimentary and fully customized review of your home’s security gaps.

If selected, we design, install and maintain your security system ourselves rather than hiring it out. We also have our own 24/7 monitoring center. There are many reasons to go with Per Mar and our hope is to be included in your decision-making process. We’re confident you’ll see the value once you do!

PRO TIP: A monitored security system is more likely to earn you an insurance discount than one that is not monitored.