Improve Campus Safety

June 10, 2021

Improving Campus Safety with COVID-19 Relief Funding

As our nation’s academic institutions have been impacted by the pandemic, leaders are navigating state and federal guidelines while simultaneously balancing the needs of their faculty, students, and their families. The new education relief package of $81 billion is helping our nation’s schools resume operations while considering campus needs for long-term security and health measures.

What are most schools doing to combat COVID-19, either with the CARES money from 2020 or the new American Rescue Plan relief funding?

Most of the schools that are either in full or partial sessions have already implemented some of the easier and less expensive precautions such as wearing masks, installing plexiglass barriers, and implementing social distancing. This new COVID relief funding, available to ALL schools, will allow for needed infrastructure improvements which are aimed at allowing schools to reopen fully.

Some schools have gotten a head start by working on their HVAC systems to improve air quality (indoor and outdoor). Some are taking ventilation measures and installing CO2 sensors. Security, lighting, and staffing are also at the top of the list. Considering that security is a broad topic, we’d like to help you hone in on a few areas that could make sense for your campus as you tackle this very important initiative to improve your campus’s safety.

How can the latest security technology empower educators to deliver safer environments and improve campus health with a smart, layered approach?

  • Video Surveillance – Surveillance cameras and intelligent video technology (smart thermal cameras and video analytics) that catch everything also mean fewer rule breakers. If a student is sent home due to a high fever, for example, your cameras can track that those orders were followed. Integrated Security can take intelligent video monitoring a step further, allowing an on-site security officer to have his/her eyes and feet on the ground.

  • Security Officers – Used alone or together with security technology (above) to make students who are afraid to return feel safer but also as additional employees to help take temperatures and hand out masks.

  • Access Control – If you’re interested in both tracking who is coming and going but also going touchless, access control might be for you.


Your goals of providing a sense of well-being for your students, faculty, and staff are our same goals. With three years or more to spend this federal money, you have the time to do it right. Give us a call to learn more and delve into our experience with campuses like yours!