Increase Security with Managed Video Surveillance + Security Officers

January 13, 2020

Since OpenEye works with most existing camera systems (including analog, IP, and wireless security cameras), it opens up the video surveillance playing field to vastly more businesses than ever before. That’s because it can be used on an analog system and the existing infrastructure, making it budget-friendly since you don’t have to buy all new equipment. Talk about a win-win. Now, imagine combining security officers with video monitoring and you have a triple threat!



PRO TIP: Using the existing infrastructure means reusing the existing coax cable that was pulled to the existing analog camera. If you choose to continue using your analog camera, that will work but it will not be converted to high definition unless you replace the analog cameras with HD-TVI cameras.


Integrating Human Eyes + OpenEye

Security officers are an extension of your business. They can be onsite 24/7 or simply used for spot checks and hired temporarily or permanently. As with all Per Mar services, you have options. No matter how you utilize them, consider the convenience and effectiveness when combined with your OpenEye-managed video surveillance.


Watch What’s Happening in Multiple Buildings/Locations at Once

Before, one or more security guards would only be able to monitor one building at a time. You can now enable one guard to monitor what’s happening in five – or any number of – buildings at a time. OpenEye is so easy that it can be used on any web browser with a single sign-on. We monitor each connected device for proper functioning. It’s secure and all of your video events can be backed up to the cloud. That translates into big-time savings if and when there is an attempted or successful break-in because you are now able to pull the footage from the cloud (no matter where you are) and securely send it directly to the police or other local authorities via email.

Turns out, the latest in video is a combination of the old and the new. If this sounds right for your business, contact us for more information or request a free security review for your business!