Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Business Part 2.1

July 21, 2021

Protecting Your Cannabis Fields

Properly protecting your cannabis fields may be simpler and less costly than it sounds. In fact, you may already have the equipment in place to do so! We’re talking about Intelligent Video Monitoring (IVM) and the difference in this new technology is actually a very human element: 24/7 video verification by trained professionals. Now, when it’s a true emergency, first responders can be on-site quicker than ever.


Intelligent Video Monitoring Recap

If you read our first blog on IVM, then you already know that video monitoring has come a LONG way, from viewing footage after the fact to real-time, crime-stopping video surveillance. You also know the three steps to IVM.

  1. Deter.
  2. Detect.
  3. Respond.

When cameras are strategically placed, they not only allow employees in the Alarm Monitoring Center to view everything, they also act as a deterrent for criminals. So, don’t go covert with your camera placement; keep them visible. Criminals will almost always move on to the low-hanging fruit (i.e. businesses not protected by surveillance cameras).

Strategic placement is also crucial to capturing footage of the intruders who go against the grain and attempt the heist despite visible security cameras. Above we suggested keeping them visible; in some cases, placing them at eye level makes sense (to get a clear shot of your intruder’s face). Don’t worry though, our professionals will assess and install your business security cameras in all the right places.

Having IVM technology means live footage is viewed in real-time by human intelligence, not artificial intelligence (AI)! Our Alarm Monitoring Center houses live employees 24/7 to verify the emergency (video verification) with you and send help if their attempts fail. This happens within seconds, not minutes! You will also be privy to all of your camera activity right from your smartphone or other web-enabled devices.

The key here is video verification because there are a lot of police departments that will only respond to verified emergencies. Too many false alarms were draining city resources but IVM makes that a thing of the past. Even if they will respond to unverified alarms, verified will nearly always get priority.

When it comes to your cannabis field, the authorities will know what type of emergency they’re encountering prior to arrival and its exact location.


Protecting Your Cannabis Fields

When our security experts survey your entire property, they’ll be searching for the most strategic placement of either your existing cameras or new cameras. We’ll ask you about your bigger plants,  large equipment, and other bulky items so that obstructions are minimized throughout the growth cycle. We’ll also look at your dry storage area as this is a common target for cannabis thieves (it’s an easier grab than hundreds or thousands of plants).

Further, we work with the best security cameras on the market, SightLogix. Their smart, thermal cameras are reliable even in the toughest outdoor conditions. They see heat vs. light which makes them excellent human detectors. They can see in the toughest scenarios: in the dark, with the bright sun beating down on them and even water reflections.

Their range is enormous, exceeding hundreds of meters. They were essentially built with commercial cannabis fields in mind, for when you HAVE to know the very instant an actual intruder (not animals or other distractions) steps foot on your property.


Geospatial analytics, automatic stabilization, and highly accurate filters. Armed and dangerous, we can then look at quality over quantity with the goal of healthy coverage using only as much equipment as needed. Nothing more.


Inside Theft Jobs

If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time, you probably recall that internal theft is often more of an issue than external. It’s a safe bet to create rigid internal security protocols as much as or more than external ones.

When hiring new employees, running background checks and requiring drug tests are good places to start. You might also consider taking a close look at all policies and procedures as employees can get very creative.


Other Measures to Protect Your Cannabis Fields

It never hurts to take ancillary measures to protect your crops. Below are a few options our customers have used with success.

  1. Security guards are a great option if you have the budget for them. They are a great complement to your Intelligent Video Monitoring system.
  2. Think about a safe for your finished product.
  3. Some outdoor growers invest in security fences.

Per Mar professionals can help from a state regulating perspective as well and lending our many years of experience keeping our customers safe and secure. Our top-rated, UL-Listed, Five Diamond Certified Alarm Monitoring Center is always on call and we’re proud to say that we’ve combined the best of security technology and human intelligence with IVM. Give us a call to learn more!