Introducing Our Latest Video Management Solution

March 14, 2019

With great excitement, we’d like to introduce you to our latest video management solution, Live Video Monitoring, brought to you by OpenEye Web Services.

OpenEye combines the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud. This easier, more secure surveillance solution produces a greater return on your investment (ROI) and saves you time – the two items at the top of every business owner’s list!

Furthermore, OpenEye works with any existing camera system (including analog, IP, and wireless security cameras). Taking an analog system and converting it to high definition using existing infrastructure is a big win for those in need of more but on a budget! Another cost-effective feature is that there’s no need to pull additional cables. We simply use already installed coax cables.


Cloud-Based Video Management Solutions

We’ve partnered with OpenEye to bring you the latest:

  • Central user management
  • Single sign-on
  • Video events are backed up to the cloud using a secure URL
  • Each connected device is monitored to ensure proper function
  • Use with any web browser
  • Everything is accessible in the cloud via common browsers
  • Multi-factor identification sends you a secure code


Return on Investment (ROI)

When events are seen and stored in the cloud, they are seen in real-time. And, when events are seen in real-time, business owners have a significantly higher chance of catching those events in the act (or soon after).

If you have an old analog system, you may not be notified that a camera was down or tampered with until it’s too late (e.g. while viewing the footage long after the event occurred). Per Mar’s new video management system by OpenEye is ultimately managed via the cloud and monitored by our Monitoring Center, which means you are notified if any of your cameras are down. Also, if anyone tampers with or attempts to remove or disconnect your video surveillance cameras, the Monitoring Center is notified immediately, as are you. Additionally, this latest technology takes an existing outdated camera system and allows for viewing via any common web browser or the cloud.


Time Savings

The big time savings comes in when there is an attempted or successful break-in, you are now able to pull the footage from the cloud and securely send it directly to the police or other local authorities via email. Without this latest technology, using analog cameras would require you to go into your place of business and download the footage to a thumb drive or disk before taking it to the police. We’re pretty sure you don’t have time for that!

Another time savings occurs when system downtime is kept to a minimum. Events like hard drive failures and exceeding storage limits will trigger alerts via text or email, allowing you to proactively prevent your system from being bogged down. You can also update the hardware and user permissions across your entire network instantly and remotely.

The bottom line is your bottom line. We know you care about safety first but your investments have to make good business sense. Contact us for more information on our new video management solution! You can also sign up for a free security review here.


Customer Testimonial

“We have had nothing but good with our OpenEye system and the people who installed it and maintain it. We have caught two people trying to steal packages from our lobbies. We would recommend the OpenEye system and Per Mar security to all who may be interested in having a camera system installed.” – Lloyd, Summit Breckenridge Apartments