Learn More About Live Video Monitoring

November 8, 2023

What is Live Remote Video Monitoring, exactly? It’s a security system that uses analytic cameras that are monitored and supported by experienced monitoring agents. Together, intruders are located in record time. In other terms, it’s the most proactive security system you can get your hands on.


Inside the system

Once an intruder enters your perimeter our monitoring agents will review in real time, and if a threat is confirmed, they will dispatch local authorities. That’s the magic behind Live Remote Video Monitoring. It’s a game-changing solution for those with outdoor assets that can’t be protected within a building — or for companies who want more visibility into the happenings in and around their buildings.

Here are a few ways this system can change your security for the better.

  1. Enhances your current security. This video monitoring solution can be used in conjunction with on-site security guards, allowing the issue to be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.
  2. 24/7 coverage. Our monitoring agents are alerted if an alarm is triggered. If the threat is confirmed agents will proactively dispatch authorities.
  3. Reduces false alarms. False alarms are filtered out, giving you more time to focus on the important matters of running your business.
  4. Closes the gap. With Live Remote Video Monitoring, there’s no longer a discrepancy between what you can see and what’s happening. You’re able to proactively deter intruders, as well as refer to security camera monitor footage to solve problems when needed.

Let’s take the example of Elkhart County, Indiana. “The county is known as the RV capital of the world and as a result, has a vast amount of outdoor assets that need protection. Our Live Remote Video Monitoring solution works to deter crimes such as catalytic converter theft, a common and expensive problem among RV suppliers,” says Paul Dawson, Area Sales Manager for the Griffith, South Bend, and Valparaiso, Indiana branches.


Inside the cameras

The system’s analytic-driven cameras go beyond detecting motion, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera technology to discern between harmless motion and true threats. For example, each high-tech surveillance camera can weed out trees blowing in the wind or an animal running by. When vehicles or people are detected via your Live Remote Video Monitoring system, our dispatchers are alerted and begin viewing the video in real time.


Inside your facilities

After an intruder is located, our experienced agents can deploy pre-recorded audio that informs trespassers they are under surveillance and asks them to leave the area. Agents can also come over the speakers when they’re watching a trespasser on film. That way, they can provide a more personalized warning. For example, an agent might say “We see you going through the truck. You are under video surveillance and are being recorded. Please leave the premises immediately.”

Agents might also contact on-site security guards, law enforcement, and emergency services to help deter crimes. This enables an efficient response time and can reduce the amount of damage done to a property.

This fantastic response time is also due in part to our commitment to technology. “Your site’s remote video surveillance reaches our facilities within 3 to 5 seconds, which allows our team to respond instantly. Other competitive systems may have a difference of up to one minute — and that’s plenty of time for trespassers to damage property,” says Dawson.


Inside our company

You can trust Per Mar Security Services, from the sales team to the master technicians to the monitoring agents. We take pride in finding passionate people who are proud to protect the communities we serve. A great example is the extensive training provided by our experienced technicians when they install your Live Remote Video Monitoring equipment.

Our Per Mar owned and operated 24/7 Monitoring Center is UL-Listed and Five-Diamond Certified, meaning it meets the criteria of The Monitoring Association (TMA) for its five points of excellence — something only 10% of U.S. monitoring centers have achieved.


Inside your security plan

When you begin working with our security team, you’ll cover a lot of ground. “We dive deep to discover exactly how you want us to respond in every situation,” says Dawson. “Your company has a unique set of goals, and our security consultants will customize your company’s plan to best fit those goals.” That means they consider both the short-term perspective and the long-term growth perspective of your company. Business security options may include alarm systems, CCTV, business access control, fire monitoring, security guard services, background check services, and more.

Our Live Video Monitoring solution helps build an invisible perimeter of your property alerting our Monitoring Center Agent when someone enters that area. To build a security plan that grows with your wants and needs, we offer three different solutions. We can secure inside your property, outside your property that is enclosed with a fence, or outside your property that is not enclosed within a fence or other obstruction.

Per Mar understands how detrimental it can be to lose equipment or halt production due to stolen or damaged goods. We provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business while we take care of site security. Contact us today to get started with our live video monitoring service.