Security Officers Recognized for Saving a Student’s Life

May 27, 2016

Security officers, William McMahon and David Lee, were recognized as Per Mar Security Officers of the Year for their actions in saving a college student’s life. Daniel W. Daubs of the #866 Mt. Vernon Police Department sent us the following letter thanking the security officers for their exceptional actions.

“I just wanted to give you a heads up about the quality of your staff. On Sunday, November 22, 2015 at about 0145 hrs, our department was dispatched to Smith Hall in reference to an intoxicated female that had been outside and was excessively cold. Upon arrival, I met with Bill and David from Campus Safety. They directed me to a female sitting on the floor in the common hall just inside the back door to Smith Hall. She was shivering heavily and bleeding from a small cut to the right knee.

When LMVAS arrived on scene and began treating her, I was able to speak with Bill about the situation. He relayed the following; Bill advised they were checking parking lots and observed a female in the lot of Smith Hall. He advised that when she observed them, she promptly cut between some cars and disappeared. At this point, a guard could easily chalk it up to a drunk, looking to escape from the view of the “authorities” and continue their patrol. However, your guards, Bill and David, had the wherewithal to be more vigilant. They parked their patrol vehicle and began an on foot search for the female. In the time it took them to park and exit, the female had gone to the back side of Smith Hall out of sight and away from normal foot traffic. David could hear someone beating on the back door of Smith Hall and they quickly located the female. Bill and David observed she was covered in snow, her clothing was wet to the point of freezing her sleeves closed, she was shivering heavily as well as extremely intoxicated. Bill and David quickly keyed her in to Smith Hall in an attempt to get her out of the cold.

I firmly believe the actions of your guards, saved this girl’s life. Upon our arrival, she was somewhat incoherent and had no idea where she had been or how she got to Smith Hall (she resides at Olin). 20 minutes after our arrival and she had been placed in the ambulance, her body temperature was still significantly lower than normal. Had Bill and David not begun an active search for the girl, I truly believed she would have succumbed to the weather. Be proud of your guys, they did an exceptional job. I don’t know if they fully understand the magnitude of their actions, they were pretty humble when I expressed my appreciation to them for what they did, but they really are life savers.

Please, pass on my appreciation for their efforts, they deserve to be recognized.”

Daniel W. (Willie) Daubs
#866 Mt. Vernon Police Department


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