Per Mar’s 2019 Making a Difference Recipients

February 21, 2020

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Per Mar Security Services, a leading provider of total security solutions for residential and commercial clients based in Davenport, IA, announces it’s Making a Difference recipients of 2019. The service Per Mar provides to their customers makes a difference in their everyday lives by providing peace of mind and minimizing their risk of losing lives or property. Per Mar’s Making a Difference Program winners demonstrate bravery and commitment to our clients’ safety. They each received time off for their exemplary work and for making a difference in our clients’ lives.

Thank you for making a difference!


Orrin Maki, Security Officer

Security Officer Maki went above and beyond and turned what would normally be a stressful day for a client into an easy one. He surprised the client by preparing 30 badges in advance for a new hire class, kept the class engaged, and presented important security and building information to the group.


Sandy Hostrawer, Service Dispatcher  & Craig Richason, Technician 

A Per Mar customer received a low-temperature alarm while out of town. Sandy Hostrawer convinced the family that their alarm should be checked on, so Craig Richason went to the residence and found that the heat was off. He got it working again. The homeowners were thankful for their assistance as they possibly saved their home from burst pipes and water damage.


Maria Jankowski-Liebsch, Special Event Supervisor

A young man with cerebral palsy got lost returning to his seat at the theater. Maria Jankowsi-Liebsch’s caring personality helped him feel safe and comfortable until they were able to reunite him with his family.


Mary Bender, Security Officer

Security Officer Bender was on duty at a college, and she received two fire alarm calls in one night. She was able to help get the students out of the dorm safely both times. The same night, she heard the water running in the IT building, and prevented the building from being flooded.


Carlos Hernandez-Garcia, Site Supervisor

Security Officer Hernandez-Garcia found an unresponsive female in the front seat of a car and was able to call first responders quickly to assist her. The subject is expected to make a full recovery. His quick action helped save her life.

Robert Anderson, Security Officer & Chet Soule, Security Officer 

Security Officer Soule noticed on a camera that a vehicle was on fire in our client’s parking lot. He and Security Officer Anderson quickly followed their standard operating procedures, while a Field Supervisor attempted to put out the fire. They kept everyone safe and made a clear path for first responders.


George Lawver; Site Supervisor & Thomas Henschel, Security Officer 

Site Supervisor, Lawver, and Security Officer, Henschel, witnessed a man get hit by an SUV. While Security Officer Henschel called 911, Site Supervisor Lawver kept the man from moving, and talked to him until paramedics arrived. Their quick thinking under pressure kept the man safe until paramedics arrived.


Noah Harpin, Security Officer

Security Officer Harpin assisted a man who slipped and fell while leaving work. He immediately responded and helped escort the man to his vehicle, ensuring he was safe to drive home.


LuKeya Haymon, Monitoring Center Agent

LuKeya Haymon answered an emergency call from an elevator phone. It was a woman who had been a part of a domestic dispute. She calmly relayed information from the woman to the police department so that they could go to the site to ensure the woman’s safety.


Kathy Cervantes, Security Officer

A man was loitering on the property where Security Officer Cervantes works at. When he refused to leave, she recognized that he was unstable. She engaged him in conversation to de-escalate the situation until she was able to contact the police and have him safely removed.


Tanya Smith, Monitoring Center Agent

Tanya Smith received a hold-up alarm and was able to notify the police, who got to the scene within one minute. Police found that the alarm went off due to an armed robbery. Her quick action helped police get a lead on finding their perpetrator, and making an arrest.

Audie Anderson, Security Officer & Elizabeth McPherson, Monitoring Center Agent

Security Officer Anderson found an unresponsive man during a mobile check at an apartment complex. He called guard dispatch, and Elizabeth McPherson quickly dispatched paramedics to the site. They worked together to get the man the medical attention he needed.



Established in 1953, Per Mar Security Services is the largest, family-owned, full-service security company in the Midwest with more than 2,300 team members, operating in 23 branch locations. The company provides full-service security solutions for homes and businesses including security officer services, smart home automation, burglar and fire alarms, access control, security cameras, alarm monitoring, investigative services, and background checks