The New Neighborhood Watch: How to Protect the Entire Neighborhood

March 16, 2021

House in neighborhood

Your home is your sanctuary. What if protecting it extended beyond your property lines? In this blog, we’re exploring the concept of the new “neighborhood watch”…in 2021 terms. If nothing else, last year proved that there will always be unknowns and it never hurts to be prepared.

We’ve said many times that caught thieves interviewed were always more likely to head somewhere else if they saw certain things at their target homes: beware of dog signage, security system signage and security cameras. But, there are a couple of problems with that; A) if they’ve made it to your house, they felt comfortable entering your neighborhood and B) if they see something they don’t like at your house, they’re likely heading straight over to your neighbor’s house next. Assuming you care about (at least some of) your neighbors, that doesn’t bode well!

Consider taking these 3 steps to ensure a neighborhood that is safe, day and night.

1. Talk to your neighbors about security cameras and home alarm systems. There are numerous ways to go about protecting their homes and families from burglars. Glass break and room sensors, for starters, so that they can be alerted before the intruder has time to reach anyone. They may not be aware of the 24/7 monitoring options (the type of neighborhood watch that never sleeps) or the mobile alerts, so perhaps this is something you can educate them on.

As for anyone intimidated by technology, we can help with that! Our professional consultants and installers take their time and explain all aspects of every home security system. We realize how intimidating they can be at first!

Keep in mind that intruders aren’t always of the human variety. If your neighbors are elderly, travel a lot or living alone, talk to them about environmental monitoring and in-home medical alerts, too. This alleviates a lot of worry for them (and for you if you’re the watchful, caretaking type). If we could send our security systems over to shovel for your elderly neighbor, too, we certainly would.

2. Once the majority is on board with the new neighborhood watch plan, you can better identify neighborhood crime trends. Most criminals are likely to make their rounds once they’re in the area. Collectively, you can piece together crimes that often aren’t limited to just one home.

If one neighbor’s garage is targeted by burglars, for example, and their camera didn’t capture the crime, perhaps yours did. Another example is when package thieves go door to door, sometimes in their cars. Now you have better odds of catching and stopping them by identifying their face and/or license plate number!

Home security technology allows you to help each other out when your pets escape or your kids wander off, too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

3. Use your smarts! A smart home is a protected home and, again, the theme here is neighborhood crime prevention (not just a neighborhood watch). If you or your neighbors are forgetful and often leave the garage door open or the front door unlocked, this could invite trouble. However, having a smart home means being able to check on these types of things once you’ve left for the day.

Even controlling your lights remotely can act as a crime deterrent, especially if you’ll be out of town. Imagine if more than one family in the neighborhood takes a vacation at the same time (You’ve seen Home Alone, right? Having the neighborhood to themselves is like Christmas morning to Harry and Marv!). Smart home automation could be as threatening to your burglars as young Kevin was to Harry and Marv!

Now that your wheels are turning, you can probably see the many benefits of banding together with your neighbors in fighting crime. Intruders won’t like it one bit but you and your neighbors will enjoy the peace and quiet it brings for a long time to come.

Contact us for a free walkthrough of your home and neighborhood. And, when referring us to friends, family and neighbors, don’t forget about our $1,000 performance guarantee, “If your residence is burglarized and our system fails, Per Mar Security Services will reimburse your paid homeowners insurance deductible up to $1,000. So you have peace of mind with that, too.