New Touchscreen Keypad Technology is Here: Business Security Edition

October 29, 2020

Per Mar Security Services’ new touchscreen keypad offers the latest security technology with an intuitive design to make it easy to keep your business and employees safe. The touchscreen keypad offers 99 wireless zones, unique wireless features like motion detectors, and more. We’ve made it easy to see why Per Mar’s new touchscreen keypad is the perfect choice for your business with the highlights below!

touchscreen alarm control

1. Additional Wireless Keypads – Add up to seven wireless keypads to your primary touchscreen keypad (for a total of 8 keypads).

2. Customizable Carousel Menu – Customize for the options you want to access from your main screen and leave out the ones you don’t. Touching the panic key displays Police, Emergency, and Fire.

3. Entry Check-In Protection – A destroyed panel is still a working security system (the emergency signal is still sent to The Monitoring Center).

4. Event Memory – View up to 200 user events at any time through the keypads User Menu option.

5. False Alarm Features – Reduce your false alarm instances by using the Cancel/VerifyTM and False Alarm Question, which prompts users to validate a burglar alarm before signaling The Monitoring Center.

6. Keypad Display with Shield – Adjust your keypads brightness, tone frequency, and volume with the touch of a button. The shield icon summarizes everything for you at one quick glance and provides quick command options from the home screen.

7. Red Keypad – Your keypad screen turns red and remains red throughout the duration of the alarm, even when the siren has been silenced.

8. Simple Arming – Arm up to six separate areas with “All/Perimeter” allowing you to separate the interior from the exterior if needed.

9. User Codes – Limit employee access by programming user codes.

10. Touchless Touchscreen – By using the internal proximity reader, you can arm and disarm your system without touching the keypad. Just present your proximity credential to the keypad and eliminate the risk. In today’s critical environment, having a truly touchless screen contributes to the safety of you and your employees by helping keep the flu, COVID-19, and other viruses at bay.

11. Virtual Keypad™ – Log in to to access your business security system from anywhere using the web.

12. Virtual Keypad™ App – Use cellular data or Wi-Fi when using the app to arm/disarm, set All/Perimeter, get push notifications, and more.

13. Z-Wave® Support – Control your lights, locks, and thermostat and up to 140 Z-Wave devices and it works with our Virtual Keypad.

14. Zone Audit – Identify potential issues with your unit’s sensor, including deactivation.

The possibilities are seemingly endless but they are definitely attainable with the new touchscreen keypad from Per Mar. Contact us with any questions or request a free consultation to unlock your business’ growing needs and stay Per Mar protected!