Streamlined Recruitment & Onboarding with QuickApp

April 4, 2024

The Per Mar Background Investigations department recently added an in-house service that streamlines the hiring process.  Every HR department will want to get their hands on our new QuickApp feature, which accelerates your hiring process and onboards new employees faster. Read on to find out why you should start using the QuickApp feature for your next round of new hires!

Hassle-Free & Fully Electronic

QuickApp converts background checks to a completely electronic process. Rather than scheduling a time for employees to fill out a paper authorization form, you can now have them fill out an electronic copy. This provides flexibility for the applicant to fill out the information at their convenience while saving the hiring team time from scanning and uploading the applicant’s information. To send out the background check request, you only need the applicant’s first name, last name, and email address. It’s already living up to its name!

Accuracy with No Missing Signatures

Reduce inaccuracies due to illegible handwriting and avoid wasted time spent correcting background check paperwork, saving money when it’s done right the first time. The QuickApp feature does not allow an applicant to continue unless the document is electronically signed, which completely prevents missing signatures.

Appeal to the Younger Generation with a Texting Option

For Gen Zers and those who do not check email regularly, the QuickApp feature offers a texting option. Allowing for background checks to be completed at the applicant’s convenience means quicker response times. 

Security, Compliance, & Additional Documents as Needed

The QuickApp feature will not only provide your applicants with a secure way of filling out their background information, but it also includes the FCRA Summary of Rights. 

Customized Searches & Request Windows

With the QuickApp feature, you can choose which searches you would like to run as part of the background check. We can also customize how long the QuickApp request remains active. If you need to create a shortened or extended completion window for your applicants, you can do so by customizing the number of days the QuickApp is available. 

Support & Demo

If you have any questions about the process, we are here to help! Reach out to our team members anytime during business hours or contact us. You won’t regret adding QuickApp to your hiring process workflow.