Per Mar Secure Dog Blog

July 7, 2021

We know how much you love your dogs (and other family pets) so we are dedicating a blog to them. It’s the dog blog!

Now that things are getting back into full swing and many folks are returning to their respective offices (so long, working in pajamas), we’d like to help reduce anxiety (both yours and your dog’s) over leaving your furry friends home alone.

Check out these fun, creative ways in which you can keep an eye on and care for your dogs while you’re away at work (or off on vacation)!


1. Doggie Vision (Video Cameras)

If you are going to be gone for any length of time but especially anything over four hours, we strongly recommend using HD video camera technology. With our Pet Safety Video Monitoring, you can view live or recorded video, speak to your pets and get alerts if anything seems awry.

PRO TIP: This solution can also be used to check on your kids returning home from school while you’re away.


2. Take Your Dog to Work

Not an option for everyone of course, but a great solution if your employer is dog-friendly. Even if you can take them with you for a partial day and have the security cameras at home for the remaining portion of the day, you’ll feel so much better!

PRO TIP: If you are thinking about getting a dog and don’t already have any in the house, do your research on different dog breeds. Some do better alone than others!


3. Morning Exercise Routine

Giving your pup an opportunity to burn some energy so they are restful for a long 8+ hour workday is setting them – and you – up for success.

PRO TIP: It varies by breed and you definitely don’t want to overdo it when they are young but, in general, puppies should get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of playtime per day.


4. Eat Lunch at Home

If you live close enough, spending your lunch break at home can really break up a long workday (for your pup and for you). Plus, you can let him out, refresh food and water and get some of that much-needed playtime in.

PRO TIP: Consider getting your dog an automated food and water dispenser for those times when last-minute lunch meetings come up.


5. Family Schedule Syncing

If you have roommates or family members in the house, then perhaps you can sync schedules to minimize your dog’s alone time. Or ask a neighbor to check in on your dog and vice versa.

PRO TIP: It helps to be flexible here, so if you can take an earlier or later lunch to accommodate, that will open up more opportunities for your pup to have more company.


6. Bathroom Breaks

If you don’t live in a climate where your dog can be left outside, then consider a doggy door and/or an indoor bathroom.

PRO TIP: DIY an indoor bathroom using a strip of artificial turf and absorbent pads.


7. Keep Them Occupied

Did you know dogs get bored just like we do? Enter treat toys and food puzzles to keep them mentally stimulated. Intelligent dog breeds love solving puzzles to find and release hidden toys. You can also try automated toys like a ball throwing machine. These ideas will not only alleviate their boredom but prevent them from wreaking havoc on your house.

PRO TIP: The dedicated dog channel on TV is a pet favorite!


8. Hire a Dog Walker

What about a neighbor kid to walk your dog to break up the mental anguish and boredom? It’ll get Fido his needed exercise as well as reduce the number of accidents you come home to!

PRO TIP: Use our doorbell video camera solution to verify identity and let helpers into your home.


9. Get a Companion

If you have only one dog, sometimes the best solution is to have another dog or pet to keep her company. This is also good for their ability to socialize properly. Veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Dr. Rolan Tripp, explains, “The point of daycare and puppy class and the dog park is that they are part of developing emotional stability and flexibility.”

PRO TIP: If your dog has already developed separation anxiety, then proceed cautiously with bringing another dog into the home for fear of the new dog mimicking the old dog’s behavior and now having two down dogs.


10.  Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Securing your home with carbon monoxide detectors is not only important for you but for your fur babies, too. We always recommend having them monitored 24/7 for the utmost safety. In the event of a fire or CO leak, our monitoring professionals will dispatch first responders with special instructions for rescuing your dogs (and other family pets).

PRO TIP: Use our pet stickers on your windows to let first responders know how many pets are in the home.


Humans are secure when we are feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety. Dogs are no different. They can experience separation anxiety and boredom, just like us. Help us keep your home – and your pets – Per Mar protected. Give us a call to learn more about indoor security cameras or video doorbells to make your work-life balance possible and more sustainable.