Security Tips for Your Next Move

May 22, 2018

Couple moving into new homeA move is the ultimate form of adulting which means a lot of stress and fatigue. The list of things to disconnect, update, relocate, pack, and store can be unbearably overwhelming. Just updating your address in all of the appropriate places can be a full-time job! Allow us to ease one very concerning burden for you, which is how to conduct a safe and secure move.


Don’t Broadcast Your Move

We’ve discussed the dangers of advertising your vacations on social media before; moving is very closely related even though it falls into more of a permanent vacation. Homes that are in the moving process are more vulnerable to theft – homeowners are typically at peak disarray as they juggle more balls than usual, valuables are nicely packed in boxes for easy lifting and time is split between two homes. Hold off until you are settled in your new home to announce the move or, better yet, skip social media altogether and host a nice party for your closest friends and family!

Read up on the latest in Facebook’s alleged data breach, or at minimum, breach of users’ trust.


Consider Moving Insurance

Your home insurance agent should be able to answer questions pertaining to coverage during a move. Know your policy so that you can add to it if needed. Items of considerable value can be individually insured as another layer of protection. If you’re hiring a moving company, find out what’s covered in their basic plan and what the additional options are.


Take a Full Inventory

Speaking of movers, you’ll want to take a full inventory before hiring the job out. Detailed photographs serve as proof of ownership for most insurance companies. Documenting everything in a spreadsheet is the most common method for taking an inventory of all belongings. Tracking your belongings this way allows you to avoid the temptation of marking the contents of each box on the box (another way to advertise “the goods” to thieves); instead, only mark its designated room as you label.

There are also apps that keep everything organized for you – Sortly is one of many. We know you’re as into technology as we are!


Use Tracking Devices

Another piece of technology worth investing in is a tracking device, especially if you’re hiring movers. Even if you are DIYing your move, accidents and theft happen on the road. You stop for gas and the lock on your rental truck has been picked only to find your belongings are gone. Or the truck is stolen. Utilizing a tracking device means knowing exactly where your items end up. iTraq uses cell towers and Tile uses bluetooth but there are many options available.


Keep or Store Irreplaceables

Make a list of anything that would be devastating to lose – photos of the kids, jewelry, heirlooms, medicine, important documents and other valuables – and either keep those items with you, leave with a trusted relative or friend, or invest in safe deposit boxes or storage units. The goal is to avoid any irreplaceable items getting lost in the chaotic moving shuffle.


Things to Leave to the Professionals

We often remember to call the local utility and cable company but there are a few other jobs to add to the “professionals” list. It’s a good idea to change the locks in your new home as a safeguard against anyone who had copies of the key. Keep in mind that every external door should have a deadbolt. It’s also a good idea to have a security assessment of your new home. If you already own a home security system, trust Per Mar to relocate your alarm system and security cameras to your new home. If not, a security assessment is a good way to find out which areas of your new home are most vulnerable so you can protect what matters most: your family.

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